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Compliance Audit

ZTE has no tolerance to any breaches of the code or other compliance policies.

ZTE released Compliance Audit Management Policy, the policy is formulated to provide criteria and methods for the operation and management activities of ZTE Compliance Audit. If suspecting violations or imminent violations out of well-founded reasons, all ZTE staff and partners can report the cases to Compliance Audit team by hotline, email, platform confidentially and safely.

Compliance audit includes compliance audit, violation investigation, and whistle-blowing. Specifically, the Compliance Management Committee inspects whether routine business activities and projects comply with related regulations, investigates regulation violations.

The whistle-blowing is applicable to all conduct and events that violate ZTE Export Control Regulation ZTE Code of Conduct, external Laws and Regulations and other ZTE Management Standards.

External independent third-party whistle-blowing channels
Reporting mailbox:
Telephone: 400 -0707-099 (Mainland China) + 8621 -3313-8584 (Overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

Internal whistle-blowing channels
Compliance Audit Dept. whistle-blowing mailbox:
LCM system: <> "Compliance Audit and Inspection-Report Violation Tips"