Superb Network Construction
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Superb Network Construction

Solution Overview
Superb Network Construction

With the goal of optimal user experience, during superb network construction, ZTE has continuously pursued to take a lead in technology and quality, achieved efficient delivery and intelligent O&M with the help of intelligent big data platforms, and accumulated abundant full-scenario solutions and a rich expert experience library. Through infrastructure network construction, value network evaluation and improvement, user experience improvement, and customer service growth, ZTE effectively improves network quality and user perception, as well as operators' brands and commercial value.

Benchmark improvement
Based on the international multi-operator network evaluation and test system, ZTE can develop customized improvement solutions to ensure the smooth achievement of benchmark objectives and improvement operators’ brand competitiveness
Precise planning
ZTE can achieve value-based planning through simulation and requirement prediction based on the actual network situation
Engineering Optimization
ZTE can provide efficient, automatic, and intelligent 2/3/4/5G network commissioning, construction and optimization to ensure the stability of basic network construction and network performance
Multi-system Coordination
ZTE provides complete solutions, functions and tools to ensure effective coordination, smooth switching and efficient resource utilization of 2/3/4/5G network systems.
HD Voice Service
The 3/4/5G networks all support the HD voice service. ZTE’s general voice strategy is perfect with complete optimization methods, which can evaluate and optimize the voice service quality in multiple dimensions to improve voice service experience.
Specialized Solutions for Data Service
ZTE can provide mature specialized solutions for data services, such as video service guarantee, distribution ratio improvement, and residence ratio improvement.
Intelligent Capacity Expansion
By making full use of the intelligent big data tool SmartHippo, this solution can analyze the network coverage and capacity data, and automatically output planning suggestions for various scenarios such as supplementary indoor coverage and capacity expansion.
Automatic Efficiency Improvement
ZTE uses intelligent tools such as AAPC, AAX, ANR and SON to improve network performance and optimize network automation.
Big Data Platform
Based on big data platforms such as NGI and VMAX, ZTE can formulate network optimization solutions through intelligent analysis of existing network data.
Open Capability Platform
Through the OpenAPI interface, this solution can interconnect with operators or third-party tools, and it also provides an online open platform to improve O&M efficiency.
Advantages and Highlights
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Success Cases
ZTE Supports AIS in Smart Network Construction and Intelligent O&M
Boosting Digital Economy Development in Wuhan with Ultimate Service
The Delivery Strength behind the GSMA GLOMO Award of 5G-empowered Smart Metro in Guangzhou, China
PARTNER CONTENT: The joint project “5G-empowered Smart Metro in Guangzhou” by Guangzhou Metro Group, China Mobile Guangzhou Branch and ZTE won “Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy” at the 2023 GLOMO Awards during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. As the first experimental application of 5G in the subway industry, this project builds a new application scenario of 5G technology in the subway field, creates a safe, accurate, collaborative and green subway service system with ubiquitous interconnection and holographic perception, and plays an exemplary role on 5G application research for subway passenger service and intelligent operation and maintenance.
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Partnership is continuing with Drei Austria and ZTE commercializing 5G Standalone
Partnership is continuing with Drei Austria and ZTE commercializing 5G Standalone
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AIS: Serving Customers With Elite Network, Leading the Future With Intelligence
As the largest telecom service provider in Thailand, AIS, like its name, “Advanced Info Service”, has always adhered to the idea of providing users with the best information services, and leads the development of wireless network in Thailand.
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WindTre: Making Rapid Progress with 5G
Italian telecommunications operator WindTre is accelerating the rollout of a nationwide 5G network. Benoit Hanssen, CTO of WindTre, shares the company's efforts in the on-going deployment of the 5G technology as well as his perspective on how to unlock the revenue potential of 5G.
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Telkom Talks Transport Network, Video Service in New Era
Joddy Hernady, senior advisor for digital business at Telkom, talks about how to prepare the transport network for the 5G era and new trends in video service development. As the leading telecommunications operator in Indonesia, Telkom faces such challenges as rapid changes in technology
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DITO Joins Hands with ZTE to Create New Speed in the Philippines’ Telecommunications Industry
DITO, ZTE and outsourcing partners can manage the plan, progress, documents, and quality of the project in full dimension through mobile phone or Web client, which significantly improves the efficiency of the engineering process.
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Pandemic, typhoons, volcano – no stopping DITO’s record greenfield rollout
A greenfield telco is something that CTOs dream about. It recently became a reality in the Philippines as a new telco, DITO Telecommunity, went from drawing board to launch in 18 months.
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