Quarterly CECO Newsletter to Business Partners – Q4 2019
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Quarterly CECO Newsletter to Business Partners – Q4 2019

Dear Valued Business Partner:
At ZTE, we understand that export compliance benefits both our company and our business partners.  This update describes some of our recent efforts to ensure compliance, to prevent future problems and to maintain strong relationships with our business partners.

Attendance at Mobile World Congress:  Representatives from ZTE attended the Mobile World Congress in February 2019.  ZTE's Chief Export Compliance Officer, Lawrence Koh, participated in various business partner meetings regarding the Company's strengthened compliance program. In addition, our Chief Legal Officer, Spencer Shen, met separately with other business partners to discuss legal and compliance issues. 


SCEP Continues: Planning for the next phase of ZTE's Subsidiary Compliance Enhancement Plan (“SCEP”) is underway. ZTE is working to continue the SCEP in order to further enhance export control compliance at ZTE's subsidiaries. With the help of external support teams, our leadership is providing training and efficient knowledge transfer at all levels of the company in order to create a continually improving and sustainable export controls compliance program. 


Continued Communication with Business Partners: As mentioned in our previous newsletters, ZTE continues to work with its business partners to ensure export compliance in our supply chain and distribution channels.  We appreciate your efforts and collaboration on our classification projects and other compliance efforts. 


Export Compliance Forums: On April 23rd, ZTE leadership and ZTE business partners and consultants participated in a compliance symposium. Discussions revolved around the ongoing compliance enhancement activities taken by ZTE and how the Company has been cultivating a culture of compliance in order to raise awareness.  Several presentations were given, including “Culture of Compliance: Eastern and Western Perspectives” and “Compliance Creates Value – Brief Discussion on Compliance Management of the Company.” 

出口合规论坛:4月23日,中兴通讯领导层和中兴通讯业务合作伙伴及顾问参加了一个合规研讨会。讨论围绕着中兴通讯正在进行的合规提升活动以及公司如何培养合规文化从而提高合规意识。发表了几个演讲,包括“合规文化:东西方视角”和“合规创造价值 – 浅议公司合规管理”。

ZTE is working with CCPIT: ZTE is a member of The National Compliance Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), which is a working mechanism for promoting the development of enterprise compliance. For example, it aims to unite organizations and individuals concerned about and supporting corporate compliance, to learn from advanced international compliance experience, promote compliance culture and provide strong support for cultivating world-class enterprises with global competitiveness. 


Obligations under the Settlement Agreements with the US Government: ZTE continues to fully cooperate with the Special Compliance Coordinator (“SCC”), Roscoe Howard Jr., and the Monitor, James M. Stanton, who have been appointed by the US government under its settlement agreement obligations.  As part of the Company's broader effort to continue to strengthen its export compliance program, the Chief Export Compliance Officer and others have had regular meetings with the SCC team and with the Monitor team on implementing their recommendations in Washington, DC and in Shenzhen, China. 

与美国政府和解协议下的义务:中兴通讯将继续完全配合美国政府在和解协议义务下指定的特别合规协调员(”SCC”)Roscoe Howard Jr. 和监察官James M. Stanton的工作。 作为公司强化其出口合规项目工作的一部分,首席出口管制合规官等已同SCC团队和监察官团队就落实其建议分别在华盛顿和中国北京进行了常规会议。

* * * * *
ZTE thanks our business partners for their continued support. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact ZTE by email at complianceaudit@zte.com.cn or by telephone on 400-830-8330 or +86 755 26771706.
中兴通讯感谢各位业务合作伙伴给予一贯的支持。如您有任何疑问,请随时与中兴通讯联系,发送邮件至complianceaudit@zte.com.cn或拨打400-830-8330或+86 755 26771706。

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                                                                                                                       Chief Export Controls Compliance Officer
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