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Compliance statement for export control of ZTE products

It is the policy of ZTE to comply with global export control laws and regulations including those of China, the United States, European Union and other relevant jurisdictions.  You  may not use, sell, supply, or otherwise export, re-export or transfer ZTE products except in strict accordance with these laws.  By purchasing or using ZTE products, you further confirm that the ZTE products will not be exported, reexported or transferred  directly or indirectly (i) to or for use in countries or territories subject to comprehensive U.S. economic sanctions or (ii) to or for use in or by any individual or entity on restricted party lists maintained by China, the United States, European Union or  other relevant government authority (or anyone owned by or acting on behalf of such individual or entity) unless reviewed and approved by ZTE.  Additional information regarding the Export Control Compliance policy of ZTE is available at Trust Center Home Page.