ZTE Cybersecurity White Paper

30 October 2021, ZTE releases its 2021 Cybersecurity White Paper -- Providing Customers with Secure and Trustworthy Products and Services. This white paper systematically introduces how ZTE uses industry standards and best practices to implement top-down, risk-based cybersecurity governance throughout the product life cycle.

The white paper also emphasizes the importance of security maturity verification. ZTE complies with industry technical standards, certification systems, and evaluation frameworks, and leverages its cybersecurity labs to enable customers, regulators, and stakeholders to verify security of ZTE products in a convenient, effective and transparent way.

ZTE is has been committed to providing customers with secure and trustworthy products and services, ensuring the security of communications network equipment, so as to realize industrial digital transformation enabled by 5G networks. Furthermore, cybersecurity needs to be safeguarded by the entire industry and all stakeholders, so that global users can fully enjoy the digital life brought about by the development of communications technology.