Distributed Precision Cloud
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Distributed Precision Cloud

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Distributed Cloud, Precision Computing Power

With the rapid development of 5G and edge computing technologies, telecom cloud gradually evolves into a distributed "edge + cloud" architecture, which can be flexibly deployed in industrial parks, stores, and supermarkets to easily provide users with ultra-high bandwidth and ultra-low latency network services. Therefore, telecom cloud is becoming a new foundation for the digital development of the industry. Due to the wide variation in user requirements in the industry, flexible network adaptation has become one of the key elements to build an industry cloud for operators: Focus on application scenarios precisely, and provide solutions in a differentiated manner. In addition, a low-cost trial mode is provided to reduce the threshold of entry-level startup. ZTE has proposed the concept of distributed precision cloud. On the one hand, ZTE focuses on the separated structure of telecom networks, and provides adaptive IaaS resource services based on the service features and environmental conditions in different network locations. In this way, the integrated supply, O&M, and operation of network-wide "edge", "management" and "cloud" resources can be achieved, so that resources can be scheduled on demand, efficiently used, and guaranteed. On the other hand, focusing on the key requirements of industry scenarios, ZTE will build a unified architecture, universal industry, and service-based PaaS technology stack to implement quick selection and streamlined deployment in accordance with scenarios, and build customized self-service platforms for industry users, thus better meeting the transformation and innovative requirements of different industries.


Distributed Precise Cloud Solution

In order to meet the differentiated requirements of the distributed telecom network architecture and diversified vertical industries, building a precisely-deployed telecom cloud is the key for telcos to accelerate the digital transformation of vertical industries. ZTE has proposed the concept of "distributed precise cloud": The network infrastructure TECS Cloud Suite is integrated with key technologies in typical scenarios. Software and hardware can be independently selected as required during deployment, and lightweight initiation and rapid iteration are supported to accelerate agile innovation of industry users.  The distributed precise cloud consists of two parts: IaaS layer and PaaS layer. The IaaS layer, which uses series hardware, integrated cloud platform, distributed storage and other products and technologies, constructs a secure, reliable and enhanced resource platform that is deployed on demand and expended flexibly. The PaaS layer, which is based on the cloud-native technical architecture such as Microservice and DevOps, provides a capability deployment platform covering MEC edge computing, database, big data/AI, video, enterprise application and operation management. The capability exposure platform can be flexibly tailored to the needs of industry users to effectively avoid high redundancy costs of the PaaS platform. Through efficient combination of the above two parts, you can precisely meet differentiated requirements of vertical industries by optimizing the price/performance ratio.

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