Quarterly CECO Newsletter to Business Partners – Q2 2022
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Quarterly CECO Newsletter to Business Partners – Q2 2022

Dear Valued Business Partner:

At ZTE, we believe that export compliance is conducive to the sustainable business development of you and ZTE. This newsletter describes some of the major efforts we have made in the second quarter of 2022 to ensure export control compliance. We believe these compliance building initiatives will help manage export control compliance risks and promote the sound development of our business relationship with you.

Firstly, ZTE continues to follow up the changes in external regulations, pays close attention to the regional situation, quickly evaluates the impact of changes in external policies and regulations, and dynamically adjusts internal policies and control processes in a timely manner to ensure the legal compliance and sustainability of the company's business activities.

Secondly, in terms of export control compliance digital control,the Export Compliance Screening System (ECSS) developed by ZTE itself was launched in four subsidiaries last year, and the implementation project of ECSS system in another three subsidiaries this year is also being carried out smoothly. The implementation of the ECSS system can not only help the subsidiaries identify the export control compliance risk, but also gradually form the export control compliance management expert team and the ECSS maintenance team of the subsidiary as well as further improve the export control compliance system of ZTE. We believe that to achieve digital compliance management and control is the inevitable choice to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance management and control. A stable and efficient compliance system will facilitate business compliance operation.
其次,在出口管制合规数字化管控层面,中兴通讯自研的出口合规扫描系统ECSS(Export Compliance Screening System)继去年在四家子公司实施上线后,今年ECSS系统在另外三家子公司的实施项目也正顺利开展。通过ECSS系统的实施,可以帮助中兴通讯子公司识别出口管制合规风险,子公司自有的出口管制合规管理专家团队与ECSS维护团队也正在逐步形成,进一步完善了中兴通讯出口管制合规体系。我们相信,通过数字化手段实现合规管控是提高合规管控效率、确保管控有效性的必由之路,稳定高效的合规系统将有助于业务合规经营。

In terms of the implementation of Global Trade Services (GTS), ZTE has continuously optimized the functions of item control and party screening, and continued to expand the scope of GTS screening. On the other hand, by enhancing the record querying and automatic identification ability of ZTE Legal&Compliance Management system, ZTE can significantly improve the user experience of screening and service efficiency, and our automatic management and control capability has been further improved.
在GTS(Global Trade Services)的实施方面,中兴通讯持续进行物项管控和主体筛查的功能优化,继续扩大GTS扫描范围;同时,通过增强LCM(Legal&Compliance Management,中兴通讯法律及合规管理系统)主体扫描的记录可查和自动识别能力,显著提高了用户的扫描体验和业务效率,中兴通讯的自动化管控能力得到进一步提升。

In addition, in terms of external compliance communication, ZTE is carrying out multidimensional and comprehensive external compliance communication through project-based operation. We have released the corresponding operation mechanism to realize the intensive management of compliance exchange related information and materials. In addition, Koh Sow Koon, Chief Export Compliance Officer of ZTE, participated in the 15th A.C.E.S Compliance Summit held at American University Washington College of Law on behalf of the company from May 16 to 17, 2022, to share and discuss the company's views and practices in export control compliance. Through the establishment and improvement of the external compliance exchange mechanism, ZTE's compliance exchanges with global customers and partners are being carried out in an orderly manner. We look forward to having more exchanges with you on export compliance and creating a compliance business environment.
此外,在对外合规交流方面,中兴通讯正以项目化运作方式多维度全方位开展对外合规交流。我们发布了相应的运作机制,实现了合规交流相关信息资料的集约化管理。此外,2022年5月16日-17日,中兴通讯首席出口管制合规官Koh Sow Koon代表公司参加了于华盛顿法学院举办的第15届A.C.E.S.合规峰会,分享和探讨公司在出口管制合规方面的见解和实践。通过对外合规交流机制的建立与完善,中兴通讯与全球客户、合作伙伴的合规交流正有序开展,期待与您在出口合规方面有更多交流,共创合规营商环境。

Finally, the Third Multinational Corporation Trade Compliance Symposium is expected to be held in August. This forum continues the planning of the previous two symposiums, and has set up a special session on export control compliance. In this session, in addition to inviting well-known experts from the industry to discuss and share, we will also focus on the achievements and experience of ZTE in export control compliance construction. We look forward to discussing with you the cutting-edge policies of export control and internal practices.

Lawrence koh 许绍勤 Chief Export Compliance Officer 首席出口管制合规官 ZTE Corporation 中兴通讯股份有限公司 Lawrence.koh@zte.com.cn +65 84999511 (Singapore/新加坡) +86 15768250208 (China/中国)