Cyber Security

Export Control Compliance

Anti-Bribery Compliance

Our Values

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A Letter from the President

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ZTE Anti-bribery management system

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ZTE Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy

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ZTE Anti-Bribery Compliance Manual

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ISO 37001 Certification

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Data Compliance

Compliance Audit

ZTE has no tolerance to any breaches of the code or other compliance policies.

External independent third-party whistle-blowing channels


Reporting mailbox:

Telephone: 400 -0707-099 (Mainland China) + 8621 -3313-8584 (Overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

Internal whistle-blowing channels:

Compliance Audit Dept. whistle-blowing mailbox:

LCM system: <> "Compliance Audit and Inspection-Report Violation Tips"