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TECS Director Cloud Management Platform

Currently, customers face the complex requirements of multiple-DC heterogeneous cloud environments, which need to provide multi-DC interconnectivity management and virtualized data centers and require automated delivery of IaaS / PaaS services.The TECS Director product was created to address such a complex scenario. It is a cloud-based management platform in a software-defined data center (DC) that provides policy-based IaaS / PaaS services and application delivery on a multi-DC heterogeneous cloud environment. TECS Director aims to simplify the management and operation of cloud data centers, TECS Director manages resources in a unified manner by connecting to the OpenStack-based unified API bus deployed in different data centers, to provide cloud tenants with virtual resource pools, so that it facilitates customers to plan and manage cloud resources and isolate the use of resources. With the administrator interface and end-user self-service interface provided by TECS Director, the end user can use IaaS / PaaS services more easily, and service managers can manage resource usage.

With the rapid development of cloud computing technologies, more and more cloud products are used. It is difficult to share resources between different cloud systems, resulting in low resource utilization and increased energy consumption. At the same time, the huge growth of data center scale greatly increases O&M costs. ZTE provides a unified cloud management solution TECS Director for multiple data centers to manage IT infrastructure, heterogeneous resource pools and hybrid clouds in a unified manner, helping customers improve management efficiency. The unified cloud management solution includes: 1.Self-service: A platform for the terminal user to apply for and use a cloud service . 2.Service management: Provide a service integration framework to provide cloud system products for users as services. 3.Operation management: provide unified Operations Management full-system product capability. 4.O&M management: centralized O&M and management of network-wide resources. 5.Cloud resource management: construct physically distributed resources into a logically unified cloud resource pool, and provide unified management for these resources.
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Model Parameter(Operator) Parameter(Enterprise)
Max. user number supported by single TECS Director 20000 20000
Max. product number of single TECS Director 1000 1000
Max. object data managed by single TECS Director 100000 100000
Max. data center number managed by single TECS Director 256 256
Online administrator number of single TECS Director 1000 1000
Interface operation response time of single TECS Director 3 seconds 3 seconds