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Zero-Carbon Energy Network

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As is known to all, 5G base stations and data centers are big energy consumers, and more 5G base stations, edge data centers, and large data centers will be deployed in the future. Traditional network energy technologies and construction modes cannot meet the low-carbon and zero-carbon requirements of networks, neither the requirements of operators for sustainable development, thus network energy infrastructure is facing changes. 5G, AI, and other new technologies enable the traditional network energy infrastructure to become digital and intelligent, achieving interconnection, management, and scheduling from power generation to power consumption of the whole energy power supply chain. The network consist of telecom sites, equipment rooms, and data centers is not only a high-speed data communication network, but also an efficient energy supply network. ZTE proposes the "zero-carbon" energy network, which

integrates multiple new technologies such as 5G, IoT, cloud computing, and AI, and leads the digital and intelligent transformation of the traditional network energy infrastructure, fully facilitating the evolution of operators' network to low-carbon and zero-carbon network.