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ZTE's CSR vision is to
ZTE'S CSR strategy

ZTE Corporation is a global leader in telecommunications and information technology. ZTE has scaled up its operation, at the same time, has seriously implemented the scientific development concept, actively fulfilled the corporate social responsibility, and consciously put the corporate social responsibility in the mindset of the company's strategy, corporate culture and operating activities, thus making every efforts to establish harmonious corporate.

In February, 2009, ZTE Corporation has formally become a member of the United Nations Global Compact. ZTE will take this as a new starting pointing to bring the Global Compact and its Ten Principles into its corporate culture and business concept to make great effort to promote the harmonious development among economy, environment and society, thus committing itself to become the paragon of the Global Corporate Citizenship.

- conduct all business in an ethical and sustainable way that protects and advances the human rights, health, safety, well-being and personal development of all people working directly or indirectly for ZTE,
- operate always in an environmentally responsible manner and actively contribute to solving the world's current and future challenges
- help all its customers – internal and external – take advantage of the opportunities of a changing world and to positively impact societies on a local level around the world.

ZTE's CSR strategy is to pro-actively develop, implement and improve CSR compliance throughout ZTE and its supply chain based on industry best practices, continuous learning and improvement efforts. Its objective is to develop into a global CSR leader long-term.

Green and Environmental Protection

ZTE integrates environmental protection into all its operating processes and the whole product life cycle.

By taking a scientific approach, it has been launching new products and services with both high commercial value and environmental performance. For the sake of sustainable development, the company has also been implementing an eco-friendly strategy in all of its fields, including product development, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and engineering as well.