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Comprehensive Smart Metering Solution In Egypt

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According to the Egyptian power development plan, 50,410 MW of new installed capacity will be added in the next 15 years. So in 2015, Egypt government has started the 10-year staged reconstruction of the smart metering system in the country. The rigorously-planned reconstruction imposes demanding requirements on all smart meter manufactures in the world.  

Before the bidding, ZTE and his partners have advocated much more effores to shake hand with EEHC to collect requirements of each DISCO. Finally ZTE’s excellent performance in POC was highly praised, and wining the bidder total number of  28,000 single phase smart meters with 0.5 accuracy, 2,000 three phase smart meters with 0.2s accuracy and HES platform.

Although lots of challenges,were faced in the project, ZTE has perfectly completed the entire project deployment as planned.  With PowerEM AMI solution, ZTE helps EEHC improved efficiency with a unified system for prepaid and postpaid users, enhance meter reading success rate with unique communication technologies and reduce cost with open architecture. via quick implementation and delivery, the metering rate success rate over 99%, ZTE are  highly appreciated by EEHC.