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Total solution of AMI in CEZ, Bulgaria

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CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD is a power distribution company, registered at Sofia City Court on August 29, 2006. In response to the energy saving requirements of the European Union and Bulgarian government, CEZ launched the smart meter project in early 2017, and launched a bid for 192,000 smart meters and AMI platform in May 2017.
In September 2017, ZTE defeated other competitors, and exclusively won the bid for smart meters of CEZ. ZTE provides including G3 PLC single-phase electricity meter, G3 PLC three-phase electricity meter, GPRS single-phase electricity meter, GPRS three-phase electricity meter, G3 PLC three-phase CT meter, GPRS three-phase CT meter, data concentrator, head end system and MDMS.
ZTE cooperated with local partner to quickly complete the installation and deployment of the meter and AMI platform, and successfully reduced the line loss of CEZ by more than 70%.  CEZ is very satisfied with ZTE's product quality and after-sales engineering service capabilities. In August 2018, CEZ again purchased 172,000 smart meters and corresponding concentrators from ZTE. By the end of 2019, totally ZTE delivered 364,058 smart meters to CEZ which include 13,922 CT three phase smart meters.