ZTE committed to accelerating 5G digital transformation in Asia Pacific

Release Time:2022-08-11
ZTE committed to accelerating 5G digital transformation in Asia Pacific - ZTE Press Release

ZTE committed to accelerating 5G digital transformation in Asia Pacific

Date:2022-08-11 ZTE Click:172

11 August 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, has shared its views on global industry practices and discussed the growth opportunities in global business, industry and economy in the Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2022, an influential ICT integrated industry event in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

The event, with the theme of “Building Digital Nations”, was hosted by GSMA towards how 5G can empower digital nations to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth.

“The ‘digital nation’ is a comprehensive ecosystem with many stakeholders, while Hyper-connectivity is its foundation. Telcos, as key stakeholders to provide connectivity, can not simply be regarded as a ‘pipeline with hyper-bandwidth’. The ecosystem requires telcos to be transformed into a digital organization,” said Mr. Francis Zhu, Strategic Marketing Director of CTO Group at ZTE Corporation. “ZTE's Digital Service Provider (DSP) model, which is based on Telco Cloud architecture and relevant solutions such as Network Slice as a Service (NSaaS), Private 5G Network as a Service (NaaS), AI, and so on, is a powerful toolkit to support the telcos to go through this journey smoothly.”

“The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 37% of global GDP and also comprises some of the most dynamic digital economies across the globe. We continue to see the emerging markets in APAC embracing 5G digital transformation. ZTE has a strong track record in APAC and has provided its services here for over 20 years. We, by virtue of our mature and industry-leading technical capabilities, will deliver our services and solutions to create value for our industry partners,” emphsized Mr. David An, CTO of CTO Group Asia at ZTE Corporation.

For 5G networks, consumers look forward to better experiences, while enterprises look for lower costs, higher efficiency and business growth. So far, in the B2B fields, 5G technology has been widely applied to industry verticals. However, the key issue that the industries are facing is how to achieve continuous benefit in the collaboration among operators and enterprises.

There are two aspects to work on: developing effective business models to speed up value creation, and exploring the path to mass customization.

As for speeding up value creation in the early stage of 5G applications, it is important to focus on customers' pain points and distinctive needs in fragmented scenarios. On this basis, ZTE can explore more scenarios in different fields, so as to accelerate the development of 5G applications in the B2B fields.

To achieve higher profitability, mass customization is one of the optimal choices. This is why ZTE aims to build underlying capabilities of digital infrastructure as well as component-based cloud capabilities. Through flexible orchestration of such capabilities, agile innovation can be implemented, to meet the requirements of different applications in various scenarios. In addition, this allows ZTE to continue to build successful experiences across different scenarios and consolidate its strong digital foundation, to enable rapid iteration and evolution.

Moving forward, ZTE, adhering to its core positioning as "a driver of digital economy", will keep working with its industry partners to promote technological innovation and industrial digital transformation.