China´s commerce minister Bo Xilai visited ZTE

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ZTE recently hosted Mr. Bo Xilai, the China´s commerce minister at its headquarters in Shenzhen. As this was Mr Bo Xilai´s first time to visit ZTE since he had been appointed as China´s commerce minister this year, it was noteworthy that he chose to visit ZTE.

Accompanied by Mr. Hou Weigui, Chairman of the board of ZTE and Mr. Yin Yimin, CEO of ZTE, Mr. Bo Xilai toured ZTE´s onsite manufacturing facility including the production lines of 3G, CDMA, NGN, ADSL, chips, and handset. And he also got a demonstration of ZTE´s UMTS technology, which had been adopted for commercial use around the world. The demonstration showed how one of ZTE´s UMTS solutions, Videophone, enables handset users communicate more conveniently with very clear view of each other on their Mobile screens.

Following the tour and demonstration, Mr. Hou Weigui and Mr.YinYimin made an intensive report to Mr. Bo Xilai about ZTE´s present achievements and future development.

During the report, Mr. Bo Xilai expressed that he was deeply impressed by the breathtaking speed of ZTE´s overseas market share growth in the recent years and warmly congratulated on ZTE´s recent winning of the ADSL project for the Athens Olympic game and the winning of the biggest China produced handset exporting order from Brazil telecom carrier, VIVO. 

Particularly, Mr. Bo Xilai was greatly satisfied with ZTE´s 34.1% compound sales growth rate in the recent 3 years and the success of becoming one of the fastest growing telecom manufacturers with the most differentiated competitive ability in the global telecom manufacturing field. He commented: " Over the years ZTE has kept fast growing pace both in domestic and overseas markets and we have been paying great attention to ZTE ---a very successful Chinese enterprise who contributes a lot to our national economic improvement, Obviously, ZTE is worthy of our continuous support and concern in the future."

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