Technologie ZTE, Relance de l&acute;Algerie<br>-- ZTE Brings Advanced Chinese Technologies to Algeria at Alger Telecomp 2004

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ZTE Corporation, China´s leading global telecommunications equipment supplier, unveiled leading fixed and wireless network solutions and its latest mobile phones and terminals at Alger Telecomp 2004 exhibition in Algiers.

"Our key messages, Technologie ZTE, Relance de l´Algerie´ vividly reflects ZTE´s client-oriented core strategy for Algeria and ZTE technology will help Algeria´s renaissance," said Xiao Chunfa, General Manager of ZTE Algeria.  "ZTE believes that the business opportunities in the construction of telecom infrastructure in Algeria will be shared by all market participants, including network operators, equipment suppliers, and end-users.

"As communications touches our lives at a growing number of points, operators will have an opportunity to extend their relationships with, and revenue from, end-users. Clearly, this translates into an opportunity for everyone involved."

ZTE has already had significant success in North Africa.  Last month the Corporation announced that it had beaten all other competitor vendors to make the first ever 3G call in Tunisia.  Within three months of signing its contract with Tunisia´s PTT CERT, ZTE has completed the major network construction and installation of its initial equipment and became the first company to show the new system in action.

In Algeria, ZTE has already installed the largest CDMA Wireless Local Loop (WLL) access network in Africa and has installed 120,000 lines of CDMA for Algerie Telecom.  ZTE´s GSM products have been used in large-scale applications in Nigeria and Ethiopia; and, in 2004, ZTE was selected by Egypt Telecom to construct a large-scale CDMA network covering the Nile River Delta.

ZTE Corporation is the one of few wireless vendors anywhere in the world that can provide a total range of GSM, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and PHS (Personal Handset System) products to operators. Sales of ZTE´s GSM products now exceed 35 million lines, which have been deployed in more than twenty countries around the world including Tunisia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Russia. ZTE´s CDMA products have been successfully deployed in over 30 countries, including Algeria, India and Nigeria and sales of this equipment now exceed 15 million lines.

About ZTE: ZTE Corporation is China´s largest listed telecommunications equipment provider specializing in offering customized network solutions for telecom carriers worldwide. The company develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment for fixed, mobile, data and optical networks, intelligent networks and next generation networks as well as mobile phones. 

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