ZTE to unveil world beating solution-rich NGN and mobile services at this week´s PT/EXPO COMM China exhibition

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Giant exhibition stand to reveal innovative, profit-making services for operators across China and the world

ZTE Corporation - China´s flagship telecommunications supplier - appears at this week´s Expo Comm China with a range of world-leading solutions and applications stretching across the entire technology spectrum - from mobile and NGN requirements to videoconferencing and terminals.

Visitors to the ZTE stand (No. 3217, Hall3) will see the differentiated, creative and operator profit-focused capabilities that are the hallmark of ZTE´s leading market position in China and its spectacular overseas growth. The stand features leading wireless communication solutions like 3G/UMTS, 3G/CDMA2000 and CDMA-based GoTa digital trunking, as well as wireline network solutions like NGN and optical transmission. At the same time, PHS, GSM, CDMA and 3G mobile phones will also be showcased, illustrating ZTE´s technical strength, creative achievements and its determination to become established as a truly world-class player in telecommunications manufacturing.  

"ZTE is setting itself apart at this exhibition," said ZTE´s senior vice president.  "First of all, ZTE´s high-end product family, developed from the telecom industry´s self adjustment in the past year, is being shown for the first time. We will continue to introduce more market-oriented differentiated solutions, in both 3G and NGN products as we reap the rewards of our total commitment to R&D expenditure and growth. This is the first time that ZTE-branded wireless, network and mobile products are being exhibited together in the recent years."

"Practical services also play a leading role. We continue to roll out multiple mature and practical services to accompany the constant upgrade of products, and we are presenting in particular to the operators who are most interested in the future service and profit-making modes," added Mr. Shi.

At this exhibition, ZTE has introduced a unique new concept for visitors: three "service demonstration islands" will show more integrated features and new services covering the areas of "Workshop (office)", "Family" and "Personal". Selecting any of the islands, operators can try all of ZTE´s end-to-end service solutions to provide user-demanded feature services. The "Workshop" island presents application services such as Softswitch-based Videoconferencing, Video terminal and Web Call; the "Family" island shows IPTV based on DSL and Softswitch; and the "Personal" island demonstrates UMTS-based 3G-communications.  These solutions enable operators to experience more options and more revenue-making opportunities.

Also on show with be:

ZTE´s latest 3G developments. ZTE has made considerable breakthroughs in three technical modes: 3G/UMTS, 3G/CDMA2000 and 3G/TD-SCDMA, and has become one of the few successful telecom manufacturers capable of rolling out all services. The "integrated 3G technical platform", built on ZTE´s powerful technical strength, shows that ZTE has made full preparations for providing operators with various 3G systems and services built on the 3G technical platform

Globally applied NGN.  The NGN demonstration reflects ZTE´s strength in being the first telecom equipment manufacturer authorised with a network access licence by the Ministry of Information Industry, and also the first Chinese NGN equipment provider to realise a commercial application. At the same time, ZTE has been wholly involved in the establishment of NGN standards for both domestic and foreign markets.

3G handsets.  The UMTS handset presented by ZTE at the show is a development and extension of its handset strategy. ZTE´s 3G handset strategy involves starting from middle/low-end market, and providing full series of 3G handsets from high end to low-end to meet with market demands. In terms of the 3G handset mode, ZTE is developing handsets with two 3G standards: UMTS and CDMA2000, and closely following the TD-SCDMA handset development. 

GoTa (Global open Trunking architecture).  ZTE, together with China Railcom, is demonstrating services of the property its GoTa digital trunking products.  Gota is a new digital trunking communication system based on CDMA technology. This system can be applied in public network trunking, dedicated network trunking and community urgency activities. This is the first time a Chinese enterprise declared its digital trunking communication product in the world.

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