ZTE first with CDMA video services in China

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ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has become the first company to provision CDMA video service solutions in China, and only the second company to do so in the world.

ZTE has successfully demonstrated video calls between video handsets, video handset and PC SIP softphones, and video handset and fixed videophones during its participation in the Softswitching Demonstration Project for Multimedia and Mobile Services Convergence, a major part of the Chinese National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) initiated by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People´s Republic of China.

The Project´s sole provider of core equipment and solutions, ZTE has developed a ground-breaking, comprehensive CDMA2000 Softswitching product, Uni-Softswitch, to enable video service solutions, and a full package of associated solutions including streaming media, soft digital assistant services, and so forth.

ZTE´s Uni-Softswitch complies with the main current and expected future telecoms standards relating to video communications. According to the 863 Program expert panel, it delivers a unified core platform for controlling an assortment of terminals, protocols and access types, thereby facilitating voice and video communications between and among different terminals.

"The demonstration project has now been endorsed by the 863 Program´s expert panel," said Mr Chenjian, ZTE CDMA products manager. "We are proud to be leading Chinese and world developments in CDMA 3G-based video services and to be demonstrating ZTE´s capabilities in next generation network development."

"ZTE´s 3G CDMA2000 system, incorporating industry-leading All-IP systems, features a core network platform, full services support, smooth scalability and a full range of end-to-end solutions."

To date, ZTE CDMA products have been successfully deployed in nearly 60 countries with around 100 operators, with a global capacity of more than 30 million lines for commercial use.

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