TelePassport to deploy ZTE´s triple-play services in Greece

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TelePassport Hellas has announced a collaboration with ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, for the deployment and promotion of triple play voice, video and data services in the Greek market. 

ZTE will provide TelePassport with equipment which includes DSLAM terminals, video servers and customer set-top boxes to cost-effectively and simultaneously deliver enhanced triple play voice, data and video services to residential subscribers and businesses.

The deal is worth 23 million Euro over the next three years and TelePassport expects the deployment to be delivering services to the Greek market by the second quarter of 2006. TelePassport is planning the expansion of its network with the creation of 36 nodes in order to extend coverage to 70% of the Greek population. Initially an IPTV service will be provided in Athens and Thessalonica which will expand to cover the whole of Greece within the next two years. 

The first triple play package will include access to 384-2048 kbps internet, at least two telephone lines per connection and access to content.

The new platform will be able to provide a wide range of services including free voice communication between TelePassport subscribers, additional telephone lines, specified speed internet access, on-line gaming, IPTV free channels/satellite channels or terrestrial, subscriptions channels, musical programs on satellite radio, near VoD, TSTV (Time-Shifted Television), PVR (Personal Video Recorder), TV video telephone, on line betting, tele-marketing, tele-medicine, TV mail and info services such as news, cinema, and hospital information.

On behalf of TelePassport´s board of directors, CEO Mr Evangelos Savouris stated: "We are taking a big step forward, opening the road for our country in triple play services with our collaboration with ZTE. This agreement will bring Greek customers closer to enjoying bundled services like films, musical programmes, radio and coded TV channels. At the same time, our customers will be able to use services such as tele-medicine and tele-working, and carry out banking and stock exchange transactions from home, as well as having at their disposal telecommunications services such as the Blue Phone. Finally, subscribers to these programs will be able to make local and long distance calls between themselves free of charge." 

At the same time Mr. Richard J. Guo Vice President of ZTE International Marketing Department said: "ZTE is present in more than 20 countries in Europe. Greece has been our center in the Balkans since 2002. After our successful development and commercial disposition of triple play in many countries worldwide, this is our first installation in Greece. I would like to thank TP for the excellent cooperation.  Our advanced products and services combined with TP´s wide experience of the Greek market I am sure will benefit the Greek consumers."

About TelePassport

TelePassport Hellas is one of the largest Telecommunication alternative providers in Greece. The company provides to companies and consumers advanced fixed telephony and internet services in profitable prices. TP is the only company that provides broadband services and solutions based on S-DSL technology. S-DSL provides fast connection at equal speed on downloading and uploading also with multiple fixed lines. Furthermore now TP is capable of providing triple play services.

For more information about TelePassport and its services please contact with the customer care line 13899 or you can visit TP site

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