ZTE scores further breakthrough in European optical transmission market

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ZTE´s first optical transmission network in Macedonia follows wins in Bulgaria and Romania
ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, is to deploy its first optical transmission network in Macedonia in a contract announced today with Neocom, the country´s second largest data communication operator.

The network, due for completion in December 2006, will include seven network nodes covering five major cities of the country - Ohrid, Gostivar, Skopje, Stip and Negotino, and connecting Macedonia with surrounding countries Serbia & Motenegro, Albania, Bulgaria and Greece.

"The network is based upon ZTE´s ZXMP S380 multi-service transport platform and ZXWM M900 DWDM system, which will enable easy access to services like TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) and GE (Gigabit Ethernet), and potential scalability to 10G capacity." said Mr Tony Wu, ZTE Macedonia Chief Representative.

"Some of Macedonia´s networks are still suffering from a lack of optical fibre. Our ZXWM M900 DWDM equipment can address the long-haul transmission bottleneck by expanding the transmission capacity of the networks, thereby increasing Neocom´s competitive edge over its rivals."

"We are confident in ZTE´s optical transmission equipment which features powerful capacity, full service access and smooth scalability, " said Neocom CTO Mr Dame Cvetkovski. "It is always trustworthy and reliable."

This is ZTE´s latest optical transmission success in Europe. In September, ZTE announced a contract win to supply Euroweb International, a leading ISP in the Central and Eastern European region, with SDH equipment for its optical network in Romania. In March, ZTE won the contract to supply Cabletel, Bulgaria´s leading fixed-line operator, with the country´s first DWDM optical network.

With a full range of optical transport products, including ASON (Automated Switch Optical Network) equipment, backbone DWDM equipment, metro DWDM equipment, and SDH/MSTP (Multi-Service Transmission Platform) equipment, ZTE has installed more than 150,000 sets of optical products in over 60 countries and regions.

According to the latest statistics from market research company RHK Inc., of San Francisco, ZTE has achieved 27% growth over the previous year in its global market share, becoming the fastest growing supplier of optical transport equipment in the world.

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