ZTE´s SDH equipment wins first deployment in Romanian backbone network

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ZTE Corporation (Shenzhen: 000063, Hong Kong: 0763) today announced it has won the contract to supply Euroweb International, a leading ISP in the Central Eastern European region, with SDH equipment for its optical network in Romania.

The deal will provide Euroweb with optical transmission equipment for each of its 14 nodes based in major Romanian cities including Oradea, Arad, Brasov and Buzau. ZTE´s enhanced STM-16 multiservice equipment - the ZXMP S380 - allows Euroweb to transport large amounts of voice and data traffic over its optical network.

The equipment will be in place by December 2005 and will offer facilities such as Synchronous Transfer Mode (STM-4/1), transmission links such as E3/E1 and Gigabit Ethernet services.

"It has always been our policy to provide cutting edge technology to our customers. This agreement with ZTE means our network is future-proofed and will offer the next-generation of IP services to our customers in Romania." remarked Mr. Laurentiu Stan, Euroweb´s General Director in Romania.

"Today, more so than ever before, businesses and individuals have come to rely on increasingly quick and reliable access to information which can only be catered for with fibre-optic technology," said Mr. Li Chuanzhong, GM at ZTE Romania. "We are very happy to be working with Euroweb to bring ZTE´s advanced technology to the people of Romania." continued Mr Li. 

By reaching approximately 2500 km, Euroweb´s Romanian data transmission network will assure the company´s future development over the next years, by sustaining the increasing data transport/Internet volumes of Romania and also by securing an important transit segment for the Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria-Turkey route.

The ZXMP S380 can provide customers with across-the-board solutions that integrate TDM, Ethernet and ATM access in a unified platform, thus seamlessly evolving the existing voice oriented network to a multi-service network, with maximum return on investment, and cost effectiveness for service scalability and network evolution.
In March, ZTE won the contract to supply Cabletel, Bulgaria´s leading fixed-line operator, with the country´s first ever DWDM optical network. In 2002, ZTE´s SDH equipment was first deployed in Europe in a deal covering Poland´s nationwide optical network.

To date, ZTE´s optical transmission products, including SDH/MSTP (Multi-Service Transmission Platform) equipment, backbone DWDM equipment, and metro DWDM equipment, have been deployed in over 40 countries and regions overseas, establishing ZTE as a leading international optical transmission equipment provider.

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