This is an era of uncertainty. The ever-changing global environment, slow economic recovery, and the world order that is being reshaped.
This is also an era of revolution. The faster convergence of energy and digital technologies, booming large language models and generative AI, as well as fierce internal and cross-industry competition. All these are giving birth to new business models Xu Ziyang, CEO at ZTE, brings the latest insights of the digital intelligence era on the occasion of Mobile World Congress 2024.

Xu Ziyang, CEO, ZTE Corporation

Live Events

China Telecom and ZTE Cluster DRS Innovations Release Conference

11:00-12:00, February 26, ZTE Booth Coming Soon

ZTE Devices New Products Launch

14:00-15:00, February 26, ZTE Booth Coming Soon

5G New Calling Whitepaper Release Conference

15:20-16:00, February 26, ZTE Booth Coming Soon

Unlocking the Future - China Unicom & ZTE Network Innovation Achievement Release Conference

16:30-17:10, February 26, ZTE Booth Coming Soon

Think Beyond Connectivity - Next Gen Cloud Native Network

9:00-10:00, February 27, ZTE Booth Coming Soon

ZTE 5G-Advanced Innovations and New Products Release Conference

10:00-11:30, February 27, ZTE Booth Coming Soon

Turkcell, Netaş and ZTE Deepen Cooperation in Localization Server Field Ceremony

10:00-10:30, February 28, ZTE Booth Coming Soon

Keynote Speeches

GSMA Ministerial Programme

Addressing Device Affordability
Wei Luo

VP, GM of Terminal Product Center, ZTE

2024/2/26 16:00-16:30

CC5 Focus Stage, Hall Upper Walkway

Manufacturing DX

What Does Your Smart Factory Look Like?
Summer Chen

VP, GM of Branding & PR Strategies, ZTE

2024/2/26 16:30-17:25

MWC Stage A, Hall 6

Green Tech

Why is Climate Action Essential for Competitive Advantage?
Hans Neff

Senior Director of CTO Group, ZTE

2024/2/27 15:30-16:30

CC8.16, GSMA Knowledge Zone, Hall 8.1 - 4YFN

5G & Beyond

Convergence of 5G & Al at the Edge
Xue Tang


2024/2/28 11:00-11:45

MWC Stage A, Hall 6

5G & Beyond

ESG Metrics: How to Move from Aspiration to Impact?
Jingyun Han

Managing Director of Operator Solutions Team, ZTE

2024/2/28 16:30-17:00

Debate Stage, Hall 6

Humanising AI

Can AI Take Off Without 6G?
Min Fang

Chief 6G Planning, ZTE

2024/2/29 11:00-11:30

Debate Stage, Hall 6