ZTE exhibits 5G UniEngine Tailored for Industrial Private Networks at MWC24

Release Time:2024-02-28


  • ZTE highlights four key capabilities to enable seamless integration of 5G private networks in core industrial production: Deterministic Service Assurance, Integrated Products and Services, Industrial-Grade Network Devices, and Simplified Network Management
  • The 5G UniEngine V1100A serves as a streamlined, integrated solution for private industrial networks, combining a comprehensive suite of 5G core and RAN features with an efficient operation and maintenance system


Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2024 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, recently introduced its innovative UniEngine ZXRAN V1100A integrated computing and networking product at MWC Barcelona 2024.


ZTE's UniEngine, a product tailored for industrial private networks premiered at MWC Shanghai 2023 and featured at the 39th GTI Workshop. On February 5th, 2024, the Global Mobile Awards recognized ZTE's innovation in enterprise solutions by shortlisting "Private 5G Networks for Critical Industrial Processes" in the category "Best Private Network Solution," with the UniEngine being a cornerstone product in this category.


As 5G applications extend from factory-level management domains to workshop and on-site production domains, they encounter a variety of challenges across multiple scenarios. ZTE has conducted thorough analyses of typical industrial applications including machine vision, robot control, industrial data acquisition, and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), through which it has identified four major challenges that private networks face: ensuring performance, deploying applications, matching industry terminals, and managing the operations and maintenance of 5G networks.


Addressing these challenges, ZTE has identified four core capabilities required for 5G industrial site networks: guaranteed deterministic services, integrated computing and networking products and services, industrial-grade gateways, and hassle-free network management.


The newly released UniEngine machine provides an integrated computing and networking solution, along with seamless network management capabilities. When combined with ZTE's array of products, including URLLC+TSN gateways, FRER (Frame Replication and Elimination for Reliability), 5G LAN, 5G gateways, and TSN gateways, the company is equipped to handle all four identified core capabilities.


This equipment adopts a minimalist design philosophy, making it the industry's most highly integrated hyper-converged device. It merges the 5G core network, wireless network, NodeEngine computing power, and the enterprise O&M portal iDOS, streamlining business operations and maintenance into a single deployment. It not only can it flexibly support third-party applications on-site, but also provides robust support for critical business operations through its precise wireless capabilities. It introduces self-serving capability, embracing an "easy planning, easy deployment, and easy maintenance" design philosophy, which significantly reduces the complexity of deploying and maintaining 5G industrial private networks, extending its application to various industrial fields such as process manufacturing, logistics automation, massive component manufacturing, and discrete manufacturing.


From the customer's perspective, the 5G UniEngine integrated computing and networking machine is compact and portable, supporting non-intrusive deployment at industrial sites. It can be quickly commissioned and provides streamlined business-oriented operations and maintenance services. The device's wireless-over-wired design philosophy simplifies network layouts, reducing on-site network equipment by over 60% and significantly cutting the costs associated with industrial network cabling and maintenance. Additionally, the machine comes equipped with the necessary computing resources to support the deployment of cloud-based PLCs and other third-party applications, further reducing the need for on-site industrial PCs and promoting the deep integration of OICT.


With its product launch, ZTE provides a highly integrated 5G network solution for industrial sites, which aids enterprise users in achieving more efficient production processes and smarter operational management. This contributes to enhanced production efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the promotion of a safe and intelligent working environment.



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