ZTE unveils symmetric 8-port 50G PON Combo and 50G PON Wi-Fi 7 ONU

Release Time:2024-02-26


  • ZTE's 8-port symmetric 50G PON&10G PON&GPON Combo enables 50 Gbps uplink and downlink, supporting on-demand service upgrades and ensuring smooth network evolution while safeguarding operators' investments
  • ZTE introduces the industry's first symmetric 50G PON ONU, ZXEN G300-N9, featuring a 50G Ethernet optical port and seamless integration with the symmetric 50G PON Combo line card to meet high-speed access needs for government and enterprise campuses


Barcelona, Spain, 26 February 2024 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has unveiled an end-to-end 50G PON solution at Mobile World Congress 2024. This comprehensive solution includes an 8-port symmetric 50G PON&10G PON&GPON Combo and a symmetric 50G PON ONU product, addressing the demands of large-scale 50G PON deployment. It assists  operators in constructing extreme-high all-optical FTTx networks and enables smooth upgrades.


Based on an understanding of the requirements and trends of ultra-high-bandwidth and deterministic networks, it is estimated that 50G PON will be applied first to enterprise and campuses, and then to homes. In both scenarios, the technology will be used to strengthen ultra-high broadband infrastructure and lay an important foundation for service development in the future.


Based on ZTE's new-generation Tbit all-optical access platform ZXA10 C600E, the 8-port symmetric 50G PON&10G PON&GPON Combo supports 50 Gbps uplink and downlink with non-blocking line rate forwarding capability, enabling on-demand service upgrade and smooth network evolution while protecting operators' investments. Each 50G PON Combo port supports flexible speed and deployment on demand offering flexibility to adapt to users' terminal types and service bundles. The optical module leverages advanced optical transceiving components and the optimized DSP algorithm to support a 32 dB optical power budget and enable the coexistence of GPON, 10G PON and 50G PON without the need to change the existing ODN. The flexible FEC algorithm allows port rates to be automatically adjusted based on link quality and distance.


ZTE has unveiled the industry's first symmetric 50G PON ONU product, the ZXEN G300-N9. This ONU provides a 50G Ethernet optical port on the user side and pairs with the symmetric 50G PON Combo line card to fulfill the high-speed access requirements of government and enterprise campuses. By integrating a single-port XGS-PON OLT, the ONU can function as an FTTR main gateway and connect to the XGS-PON ONT as a room gateway, enabling 10 gigabit all-optical coverage within the intranet. To fully leverage the capabilities of the 50G PON network, the ONU is equipped with a Wi-Fi 7 chipset, offering three-band 4*4 spatial streams at a physical rate of up to 19 Gbps. Additionally, the ONU utilizes Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codecs for forward error correction, enhancing receiving sensitivity by roughly 2 dB compared to Reed-Solomon.


As a global leader in 50G PON technologies and markets, ZTE has submitted over 80 proposals to standard organizations and is actively researching the commercial application and implementation of 50G PON technologies. Currently, ZTE is engaged in demos, tests, and trials with over 30 operators worldwide.  



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