ZTE, China Mobile Hong Kong to Construct LTE-TDD Network

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19 July 2012, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced it has won a contract with China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (CMHK) to construct a LTE-TDD network in the territory.

As part of the contract, ZTE will provide LTE-TDD solutions to CMHK, including SDR BTS, terminals, network planning, integration and network optimization. The jointly constructed network will be Hong Kong’s central network, covering Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. CMHK is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited.

CMHK received its Hong Kong LTE-TDD license in February 2012 for the 2330MHz-2360MHz of 30MHz frequencies. At the 2012 GTI Asia Conference in Shanghai, CMHK announced that it will provide LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD services based on its dual-mode LTE-TDD/FDD network by end of this year. CMHK had previously launched its LTE-FDD network in Hong Kong in April 2012.

"ZTE is an advanced LTE solutions provider,” said Sean Lee, Director and CEO of China Mobile Hong Kong, “We are excited to work with the company to construct the LTE-TDD/FDD dual-mode network in Hong Kong.”

ZTE Vice President and CTO of the APAC and CIS Regions, Mr. Zhang Jianguo, said: “Hong Kong has one of the world’s most advanced and competitive mobile communications markets. There are already four LTE networks in the territory. ZTE is honored to have the opportunity construct a central network there.”

ZTE is a leader in the TD-LTE and LTE FDD/TDD convergence industry. As of April 2012, ZTE had deployed TD-LTE trials and commercial networks for 33 leading operators in 19 countries, and won eight large-scale LTE-TDD commercial contracts. On June 13, 2012, ZTE and leading multinational operator Hi3G Access AB won the Global Telecoms Business Global Innovation Award for LTE Infrastructure for their jointly constructed TDD/FDD dual-mode network in Sweden.

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