ZTE Launches Industry's Most Complete 100G End-to-end Carrier Network Solution

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Carrier network operators to benefit from comprehensive range of UWB products and services


28 September 2010, Shenzhen – ZTE Corporation, (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced the launch of the industrys most complete 100G end-to-end carrier network solution, which will provide the bandwidth capacity for network operators to meet increasing network traffic demands.


The explosive popularity of IT applications, HD video services and cloud computing has led to a massive spike in network traffic and for carrier networks to provide sufficient capacity, they need to be able to expand and upgrade their networks smoothly. Through the deployment of ZTE's ZXWM M920 and ZXONE 8000 as part of the UWB (Ultra Wide Band) 100G carrier network solution, operators can eliminate any traffic bottleneck in the core networks, and fully meet the demands of the growing data business.


To achieve the 80-wave, 100G ultra-wide system capacity, ZTE's complete solution incorporates the use of ZXR10 T8000 in the IP layer to realize the smooth upgrade from 10G to 100G. The telecom-class 100G routing cluster system ZXR10 T8000 is a cluster routing system with the largest capacity in the industry, which can support multiple services with compromising performance in case of full-service overlapping.By using chips with self-owned intellectual property, ZXR10 T8000 can maximally support 16+64 multi-chassis system and 200T switching capability.


In addition, ZTE independently developed the multiplexing QPSK modulation technology to support ultra-long distance transmissions of over 1000km without the need for power relays. The network operator can simply upgrade the circuit-side single board of its existing platform to support 100G capacity, effectively reduce networking cost, and protect its network investment.


At the convergence access layer of the 100G end-to-end carrier network solution, ZTE will deploy its ZXR10 8900E core switch, which features the first 100GE port in the industry. This new generation core switch is based on ZTE's multi-dimension secure switching architecture and fully distributed operating system platform, in order to provide a 480 Gigabit single board which is currently the largest in the industry.


For network management, ZTE's NetNumen U31 unified gateway system can achieve end-to-end fast scheduling and comprehensive monitoring of the services offered. With features such as efficient and stable advanced system architecture, the modular structure of components is easy to expand and maintain.


"ZTE has been actively promoting the development and commercialization of the 100G standards in the industry," said Fan Xiaobing, general manager of ZTE's carrier network product line. "We were heavily involved in drafting the proposal for the 100GE standard of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a key participant in advancing the 100G system of China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), as well as the proposal for the 100G standard of the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)."


Fan added that the end-to-end 100G carrier network solution announced by ZTE today has realized ultra-high speed across the network from the convergence layer to the core layer and from the transmission layer to the IP layer.


All the three high-end products of ZTE for carrier network — the 100G cluster router ZXR10 T8000, the large-capacity cross-connecting equipment ZXONE 8000, and the core switch ZXR10 8900E — support the 100G interfacing board. The 100G network put together by these three high-end devices as well as the unified network management plane can dramatically increase network capacity, enrich operator's offerings, optimize network architecture, and build up their competitiveness.



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