ZTE Launches Converged Service Network Platform

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SDP as a Service solution announced at SDP Global Summit

London, 15 September 2010 -ZTE today launched its Converged Service Network (CSN) at the SDP Global Summit in London. ZTE's CSN incorporates traditional SDP architecture and cloud computing features, enabling an SDPaaS (SDP as a Service) solution for the first time. The CSN provides an efficient and stable service network platform to operators, third-party application providers, and individual or group application developers.

The CSN is a new service network platform integrating mobile and fixed network infrastructure onto a basic platform that supports both Internet and Telecoms services, providing a flexible solution with efficient management and control features. Traditional SDPs also provide the flexibility to support and manage different services, but are not able to support multi-domain service convergence, or an environment where developers can collaborate and share innovative services. 

Through the abstraction of network service capabilities and the introduction of new service capabilities, the CSN provides service integration and realizes convergence of capabilities offered by different networks. Innovative applications can be supported with easily manageable and chargeable service capabilities, significantly accelerating the development cycle of converged services. By expanding the service delivery process of the traditional SDP, the CSN not only supports service capability operations, but also provides a platform for application developers, enabling an end-to-end service.

"In today's mobile broadband market when operators rely on service innovations as their key competitive edge, crowd sourcing has become the best solution to enable service innovation. With a new service network as enabled by CSN, operators can support cooperation of developers and individuals, and enable service development and customization by using simple, practical, and graphical development tools. Moreover, operators can easily manage service capabilities, deployment and operations of services, as well as development cycle management," said Kong Dechun, ZTE's VAS software chief engineer.

The new service network platform is more suitable for operators in mature markets which are not heavily dominated by voice services and require a service network platform that allows operators to rapidly develop and launch new services as well as efficiently manage a wide range of services and applications. 

ZTE has invested heavily in research and development of new service network features in recent years. To date, ZTE has been awarded service network contracts by top tier operators such as FT Orange, Telecommunications Polska, Telkom Kenya and Telefónica.

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