ZTE launches ZXONE 8000 series

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15 June 2010, Monaco – ZTE has unveiled its next generation optical transport network (OTN) solution, the ZXONE 8000 series, with a cross-connect capacity of up to 3.2 terabyte.

The ZXONE 8000 series combines massive capacity with an intelligent, IP-oriented OTN/WDM network that integrates critical network standards such as ultra-large ODUk grooming capability, Roadm optical switching matrix, L2 switching, GMPLS-based control plane with green design technologies to help operators address present and future network challenges.

Faced with the demands created by exploding data traffic and bandwidth-hungry services, operators are looking for higher transmission bandwidth, flexible traffic grooming architecture and eco-friendly features in an OTN/WDM transport platform. Furthermore, increasingcompetition in the telecom industry and the context of slow revenue growth, the cost-effective optical transport network will also be important issues facing top operators. Therefore, low power consumption; highly integrated transmission platform will become one of the major operators to pursue.

The ZXONE 8000 delivers all these features with a cross-connect capacity from 0.8T to 3.2T, with the potential of a further upgrade to 6.4T, enabling operators to achieve greater flexibility and to optimise wavelength utilisation to meet increasing bandwidth requirements.

With full-service and full-overhead capability, including ODU0/1/2/3/flex future-oriented packet services and multi-domain OAM, the ZXONE 8000 series is designed for rapid service creation, agile service delivery, end to end network monitoring and management.

The ZXONE 8000’s optical-layer and electrical-layer ASON (automatically switched optical network) capabilities significantly increase reliability in transporting services across different granularities and can help reduce carriers’ OPEX.

With self-design chips and advanced architecture, ZXONE 8000series achieved the low power consumption and high density design at both card level and shelf level. These features help operators reduce carbon emissions, and saves space for operators.

In addition, the ZXONE 8000 series is a future-proof platform that can be easily upgraded to 100G transmissions.

“With the increased investment in 3G network deployment and roll-out, how to decrease CAPEX and get a better ROI (Return on Investment) is becoming a big issue for operators. Green networking and intelligent traffic grooming is essential to lower operators’ daily OPEX,” said Frost & Sullivan consultant Ji Chendong. “The new ZXONE 8000 optical platform from ZTE has excellent traffic switching architecture design and performs well, with low power consumption features, which will help global tier one operators to build their future-oriented optical networks, and will strengthen ZTE’s position in the global optical market.”

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