ZTE Launches the World's First Integrated High Definition Videoconferencing Terminal

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ZXV10 T700 terminal provides an affordable and easy to set up option for

professional level videoconferences


Las Vegas, NV - June 9, 2010 – Today at InfoComm International, ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, announced its first integrated HD videoconferencing terminal, the ZXV10 T700. A growing demand in audio visual communications technology, ZTE's T700 solution makes HD video conferencing more accessible to businesses as it reduces the deployment cost of operators and agents. With minimum requirements including network, power and HDMI cables, the T700 is an easy installation solution that allows users to set up a professional videoconference for small to medium sized meetings through a simple IP process.


The integrated HD videoconferencing terminal design is embedded with a 10x zoom HD camera NVS-V90 camera that removes wiring complexity, supports IPv4 and IPv6, multiple 3G wireless access options, dual HD 720p active video for enhanced video communication, and 720p video and broadband audio delivering excellent video and audio quality. In addition, the T700 supports features including: packet loss concealment (PLC), forward error connection (FEC), and QOS network adaptation algorithm to ensure the smooth delivery of audio and visual communication over the network with a packet loss of just 10 percent. Fully compatible with the recommended H.323 standard from the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T), users can easily incorporate new equipment with older devices.


"In recent years, ZTE has demonstrated its commitment to the innovation in advanced video communications technology by launching cutting-edge products like the TRUESEE Tele-presence system, next generation MCU, humanized designed remote control, and Omni-directional digital microphone. InfoComm remains an important conference for ZTE so today we are pleased to be launching the T700 videoconferencing terminal," said Fang Hui, President of Multimedia&Terminal Product, ZTE Corporation. "With current economic conditions, more and more organizations are looking for ways to increase productivity while reducing costs and the T700 is a valuable addition to our portfolio of innovative solutions that provide affordable options for businesses."


The ZXV10 T700 terminal will be available in the U.S. as of October, 2010 with a U.S. market product list price starting from USD $3,899.



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