ZTE signs a contract with Vietnam ETC to build 450MHz CDMA networks

Release Date:2006-08-30  Author:ZTE  Click:505
Recently, ZTE signed a contract with Vietnam ETC for establishing CDMA networks. According to the contract ZTE will provide 450MHz CDMA WLL equipment for building the network which will cover some parts of Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Na province. There will be a large-scale expansion after the current networks are complete. The success in winning this contract indicates that ZTE’s 450MHz CDMA WLL equipment has been recognized by the overseas market and has great potential. It also helps the marketing expansion of ZTE’s 450MHz CDMA WLL equipment in Southeast Asia and other regions around the world. ETC is one of the most powerful telecom operators in Vietnam, operating the nationwide optical transmission network, and has already obtained the operating license of CDMA WLL (450MHz) issued by Vietnam ministry of telecom and information.

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