ZTE Network Equipment Destined for World´s Highest Railway

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Wireless network components specially adapted for performance at high altitude

ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, announced today that its equipment has been chosen for a wireless communications network that will provide voice and data services to passengers using the world´s highest altitude rail service - the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. In collaboration with China Mobile and China Unicom, ZTE´s CDMA and GSM wireless solutions will be deployed to provide service coverage for the newly-built rail system.

The wireless communications network will cover the two regions of Qinghai and Tibet, as well as the Golmud and T´ang-ku-la Mountains section, covering nearly one thousand kilometers.

In what many regard as a feat of modern-day engineering, the 1,100km (750-mile) Qinghai-Tibet railway, which rises to 5,072m (16,600ft) above sea level, has been built through some of the most difficult terrain on earth. In view of ZTE´s breadth of expertise and experience of deploying systems that can cope with the harshest environmental conditions, the company´s wireless technology has been specially adapted to work at high altitude and will be installed at T´ang-ku-la, the railway´s highest point.

"With the opening of the high-altitude Tibet railway to business travellers, there will be an increasing demand for high-quality wireless communications that offer large-capacity, reliable connectivity and customization options," said Mr Cao Qiang, VP of ZTE´s Mobility Division. "In other deployments in mountainous areas that have traditionally not been covered by telecoms infrastructure, we have rolled out a package of dedicated communications strategies using satellite transmission to address local physical difficulties in order to provide sustainable voice and data communications. In addition, ZTE´s highly flexible communications strategy, easily adaptable for use on railway and road networks, can help significantly to drive down the cost of construction for operators."

"ZTE has over 10 years experience in designing and constructing railway communication networks," added Mr Cao. "We have readily accepted the challenge of providing the communications infrastructure for such a landmark project and our role in helping to bring economic growth and opportunity to the region."

In January 2006, ZTE announced record sales of 150 million lines of wireless products worldwide, of which over 40 million were CDMA equipment serving over 100 operators in more than 60 countries. ZTE´s GSM equipment has been delivered to more than 40 operators in over 30 countries around the world.

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