ZTE Brings State-of-the-art Telecoms Industry Training to Indonesia

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Principal New Educational Centre inaugurated in Bandung

ZTE Corporation, the fastest growing global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced the opening of a new training establishment in Bandung, Indonesia. In partnership with nationally renowned telecom educational institution STT-TELKOM, ZTE has established the specialised national telecommunications training centre as part of plans to make training in telecoms technologies accessible to both students and customers across Indonesia.

The Chairman of STT-TELKOM, Mr. Husni Amani, Ir.,MSc , and Mr. Cui Yi, President of the Asian Pacific region for ZTE, made welcoming speeches at the training centre´s inaugural ceremony attended by national carriers including PT. Telkom and PT. Indosat as well as a party of Indonesian telecommunications academics. The EVP of PT Telkom, the largest fixed network operator in Indonesia, Mr. Adeng Ahmad made a keynote speech to audiences.

"The establishment of this training centre will significantly enhance the telecoms exchange between ZTE and local industry players" said Mr. Cui. "One of the core aims of the training centre is to foster talent in the region by promoting telecoms education across the Asia-Pacific through technology and management training for hundreds of students each year."

ZTE´s initial investment of $1.5 million USD, will focus on telecoms training for clients, ZTE staff and other colleges in the Asia-Pacific Region. In addition, the centre will provide a forum for research and development.

The training center will offer courses in a variety of areas including telecoms technology, management consultation and competence training. Initially, the centre will have capacity to train approximately 4,000 people annually, but ZTE expects this to increase by 1,000 each year until the centre reaches its maximum projected capacity of 10,000 students annually.

The training courses will be divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels according to the student´s background. The training center will also provide customized training plans for customers with individual requirements.

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