ZTE Launches White Paper on “AI Enables Network Intelligence”

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6 February 2018, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today released a white paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) titled "AI Enables Network Intelligence - ZTE AI White Paper." The white paper specifically focuses on the artificial intelligence of communication networks.

Based on the latest research and practice of ZTE in network intelligence, the white paper comprehensively envisions the "Autonomous, Predictive, On-demand and Smart Operation" future intelligent network architecture, solutions and scenarios. Focusing on the recent viral trends in the telecommunications, the white paper mainly introduces the artificial intelligence uSmartInsight platform of ZTE and typical application scenarios such as smart 5G, intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent optimization, smart operation and smart home.

In recent years, all leading telecoms operators have continuously invested in enhancing network intelligence, and have actively developed and practiced efficient and intelligent analytical tools and techniques, including artificial intelligence and big data, making artificial intelligence one of their key strategies,

ZTE believes that intelligentization is the trend of network development. The network operation and maintenance mode will undergo a series of fundamental changes. The current man-governed networkwill gradually evolve to an AI-based autonomous network. The intelligent network will perceive through multidimensional data such as network data, business data and user data, and realize the high degree of autonomy based on the three basic capabilities of big data, big computation and big algorithm.

ZTE believes that the three major layers of the network, including the infrastructure layer, network and service control layer, operations and orchestration layer, will gradually adopt AI based on the needs of business development.

In terms of level, the upper level,  more centralized with stronger cross-domain analysis capability, usually requires more computing power and more data, and it is more suitable for the training and reasoning of overall strategy concentration. The lower layer,   closer to the edge with stronger specific analysis capability and better real-time performance, is generally suitable for the introduction of AI reasoning ability or real-time lightweight AI training.

At the same time, ZTE releases the uSmartInsight 2.0 platform, which is a converged platform integrating big data and artificial intelligence. The 2.0 platform is equipped with a distributed training engine developed by ZTE to support higher parallel training speedup. It supports automated distribution while satisfying the major scenarios of model training and model inference. Meanwhile, it enables simple and efficient visual modelling so that the end-to-end AI applications can be easily developed and deployed.

With its long-term accumulation in the telecoms field, its profound understanding of the industry and its rich experience in global cooperation, ZTE Corporation can provide various industries withprofessional and customized solutions and technical services based on this platform.

 "ZTE, as the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions and a leader in 5G, is highly concerned about the digital transformation of telecoms operators and the network intelligence evolution,” said You Yan, Vice President of ZTE. “Based on the uSmartInsight platform, ZTE Corporation can comprehensively provide big data, big computing and big algorithm, providing operators’ network intelligent evolution with high-quality end-to-end solutions, in order to help telecom operators build smart networks for the future.”

“In the field of artificial intelligence, ZTE Corporation carries out deep cooperation with operators and partners, and actively participates in the Acumos project, which is the open-source platform for AI technology and industry convergence,” said You Yan, “ZTE, together with its partners, is devoted to exploring the AI capability to open and promote the sharing and popularization of AI applications.”

ZTE will keep up with the development of the AI technology, actively innovate and provide operators with a full range of support in network intelligence construction. With openness, cooperation, and win-win as its principles, ZTE is working with operators to build smart future-oriented networks.

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