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Data Protection Compliance Guarantee

ZTE closely focuses and actively uses the best and applicable data protection technology measures, implements the compliance requirements through information system reconstruction and professional tool embedding. Specifically,  technical department implements security technology embedding such as encryption, anonymization and pseudonymisation for personal data in the broad data processing phases such as data collection, storage, use, transfer, and destruction, applies security measures such as dual-factor authentication, rights management and access monitoring. It highlights the technology's support to the control of the data protection process, and ensures the recording, query, traceability and verification of the data processing of the whole process.

For example, in the data collection phase, the privacy policy and cookie policy are updated, and the authorization of the data subject is obtained. In the meantime, the self-evaluation of data collection necessity is performed based on the risk level. Excluded the unnecessary personal data items such as location and contact information, we build the security control baseline from the source of the data flow. In the data destruction phase, the user account and personal data cancellation function are developed, and the stored data in the service system can be masked or anonymized.  Moreover, we applied the professional IT tool to ensure that the data destruction standard meets the requirements of the EU.