ZTE Launches Super-Capacity Cluster Router with Self-Developed Chips

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10 September2009, Shenzhen, ChinaZTE Corporation (“ZTE”) (H share stock code: 0763.HK / A share stock code: 000063.SZ), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced the launch of its ZXR10 T8000 Cluster Core Router, with the largest switching capacity in the world, targeting the high-end router market. ZTE aims to achieve over US$10 billion revenue from the high-end router market over the next three years.


Currently, the ZXR10 T8000 maximally provides 2048 40G interfaces, 1024 100G interfaces, and of up to 200Tbps switching capacity, which means each ZXR10 T8000 can support over 1 million users simultaneously with high-speed network access. The semiconductor chips at the heart of the ZTR10 T8000 were developed independently by ZTE and include three critical breakthroughs in core chip technology: advanced high-speed routing forwarding technology, large-capacity packet switching technology, and complex traffic management technology. The ZXR10 T8000 is the first high-end router in China to use proprietary chip technology.


The existing maximum switching capacity of single switching fabric chips in the market is 160G, which has been a bottleneck for next-generation router development. In order to meet the market needs, ZTE R&D team designed and developed the ZXRIC SF600 switching fabric chip, equipped with 600G crossbar switching capacity and 3-stage CLOS chassis technology, to provide the market with more powerful chip processing capability. Also, the ZXRIC PFE packet forwarding processing chipset supports 100G wire-speed forwarding capability. And the ZXRIC TME multi-policy traffic management chip supports a 5-level hierarchical QoS mechanism, enabling excellent on-demand services and for precise service management. Through its IP chip development, ZTE has achieved critical opportunities to develop the high-end router market.


With its large capacity, non-stop system operation, IPv4/IPv6 seamless integration, and 16+64 chassis cascade support, the ZXT10 T8000 completely meets the requirements to build core nodes of a metropolitan bearer network in the 3G/4G age. It is suitable to be Internet core node, backbone network super node and egress of large MAN. ZXR10 T8000 also adoptsa number of advanced energy-saving technologies like intelligent initiation, power supply and changeable speed to help customers build “green networks” with 23% less power consumption.


ZTE’s ZXR10 T8000 was developed to be the premier cluster router system with world-leading capacity to meet the ever-changing industry needs,” said Mr. Fan Xiaobing, General Manager of Bearer Network Product Line, ZTE Corporation. “Our proprietary core chips offer reliable services and excellent performance to help our worldwide customers build large-capacity, high-performance and upgradable green bearer networks.”


The ZXR10 T8000 places ZTE as a lead router vendor, with its ground-breaking innovation and ability to enable service providers to build flatter and higher scale IP bearer networks. The market impact of the T8000’s new router infrastructure should be significant and place ZTE amongst the major market players, according to Current Analysis.


According to the latest market analysis report (1Q09) of OVUM, the world-famous industry research firm, ZTE’shas become the global mainstream bearer network solutions provider. The company’s Bearer Network Group has attained the fastest growing rate among global market players. 

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