ZTE Unveils Next-Generation iCTN Transport Network Solution and Flagship Product ZXONE 5800 at MWC Barcelona 2009

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16 February 2009, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, shines at the Mobile World Congress2009 by rolling out its next-generation intelligent Converged Transport Network (iCTN) solution and flagship product – the ZTE’s new generation converged optical transport equipment ZXONE 5800.

The iCTN solution, catered to the current IP trend of mobile network evolution and full service operation, integrates both optical transport platform and next-generation packet bearing technology. It utilizes highly efficient optical/electrical layer scheduling mechanism and fully meets the rapid development requirements of new services in the future, while taking into account all the traditional services. The iCTN solution aims at helping operators manage service development challenges and flexibly adapt to different stages of the long-term network evolution process, thereby significantly reducing network development and operating costs, and protecting operators’ investment.

As the company’s flagship iCTN solution, ZXONE 5800 is applicable to metro core and long-haul backbone network. It solves today’s most pressing needs of network convergence in the core layer by integrating SDH, OTH, WDM and packet within a unified platform under an open architecture. Thus, it efficiently helps operators evolve from 2G/3G / fixed network to LTE / FMC operation and provides advanced electromechanical management system.  In addition, the iCTN solution has multi-use mode of a single physical board, allowing operators to deploy a flat, flexible, low-cost, power-saving, eco-friendly and ultra-high bandwidth core transmission network.

As one of the industry-leading providers of communications solution and optical transport pioneers, ZTE has been engaging in R&D on optical transmission technologies. In 2008, the company won the 17th Western Australia Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTA), and received recognition from the International Engineering Consortium (IEC) at the prestigious InfoVision Award for its RPR-embedded solution at Broadband World Forum Asia.

With an in-depth understanding of the evolution of optical networking technology and proven track record in network construction, ZTE has supplied its optical networking products to over 250 operators in more than 90 countries covering Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Middle East. According to Ovum’s 2Q08 report, ZTE is ranked third in Asia-Pacific market in terms of quarterly market share, and posted the strongest growth of rolling 4Q share among all vendors.

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