ZTE Rolls Out New Unified Open Environment Platform

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UOE Solution to Address Future Global Network Services Expansion


12 February 2009, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (“ZTE”), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today released a unique Unified Open Environment (UOE) platform that will make it easier for telecom operators to develop and offer new mobile services and stay competitive in their respective markets. The ZTE UOE service platform is aimed at addressing future global demand for network expansion and application development.  

The new ZTE UOE network solution comprises an open module service capability and service development environment, two of its key features that allow modular deployment of different service networks. With an open module service capability, it provides telecom operators a unified management platform for integrated service management operation and monitoring, and unified content management. UOE defines a common API for several international organizations, including Parlay/OSA and JCP, two technical industry consortiums that specify APIs for the telephone network. UOE’s service development environment offers an integrated development environment and an open service interface, providing external IT developers and telecom operators a wide range of development tools to meet their specific business and individual requirements.

With the extraordinary features of UOE platform, telecom operators can effectively implement in-house developed network services in a converged infrastructure, as well as partner with equipment vendors to develop unique value added services, such as mobile newspapers, mobile stock exchange, instant mobile news, video conferencing, voice mail and BlackBerry applications.

“Our UOE solution enables the most efficient and flexible network infrastructure for the telecom industry and takes mobile operators to a new level of true network service convergence,” said Mr. Wang Xiang, vice president and general manager of ZTE’s VAS products. “It is a key component to success for promoting the growth and development of value added mobile services, hence sustaining network service quality and enhancing user experience.”

Promoting a network service ecosystem, ZTE UOE solution facilitates service development and flexibility in customizing new mobile network services. As a result, it significantly boosts efficiency in meeting customers’ needs, and enhances market competitiveness of telecom service providers. In addition, the solution has a set of user-friendly development tools, enabling mobile application developers and a large community of developers to participate in value added network service development initiatives managed by telecom operators. By providing a common platform for both IT developers and network service providers, ZTE is playing a key role in driving the growth and development of innovative value added mobile services.

Leading carriers and mobile operators worldwide have selected ZTE network solutions. To date, the company has successfully clinched intelligent network contracts with key telecom operators such as Orange [a subsidiary of France Telecom], Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC), and Telkom Kenya. ZTE has also become the mainstream service software provider of France Telecom and Telefonica in Western Europe, the leading telecom market in the world.

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