ZTE Receives WiMAX Forum Certification

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On September 25, 2008, ZTE Corporation announced that its WiMAX™ 16e system passed Mobile WiMAX™ certification testing by the WiMAX Forum. This is another milestone following the earlier certification for its WiMAX 16e terminals in August 2008. Up to now, ZTE has passed Mobile WiMAX certifications for its systems and terminals from WiMAX Forum..

"ZTE's WiMAX system and terminals both passed certification from WiMAX Forum, not only signifying that ZTE has the capability of mature commercial application, but also driving the development of the Mobile WiMAX industry chain. ZTE has been actively promoting the development of WiMAX 16m standards, and has put forward a number of effective proposals. The growth of WiMAX industry requires the joint efforts of all terminal providers, chips provider and service providers," said Zhao Songpu, General Manager of ZTE's WiMAX Product Line.

Certification of WMAX products is the authority of the WiMAX Forum, aiming to standardize the consistency of WiMAX equipment and terminal manufacturers. Professional and strict specifications have been established for test contents from protocol consistency to function implementation and product performance. The text contents covering thousands of test items are reviewed by the experts of WiMAX Forum. The WiMAX Forum Certified certificate is awarded only when all the test items pass.

ZTE is one of the earliest telecommunication manufacturers that started R & D on WiMAX technology in the world and it is also one of the 15 board members of the WiMAX Forum. ZTE has established more than 10 R & D centers throughout the world and solved the problem of poor indoor coverage effect caused by high frequencies. ZTE is the first to launch a complete set of indoor coverage solutions in the industry. In 2004, ZTE became one of the partners of Sprint, the third largest mobile operator of the U.S.A. ZTE won the biggest terminal contract of Sprint's first phase bidding and provided all kinds of terminals with Mobile WiMAX function for Sprint.

By August 2008, ZTE had deployed over 30 WiMAX 16e networks in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America (including regions and countries). ZTE has conducted in-depth discussion and exchange with over 120 operators both home and abroad in terms of WiMAX 16e standard, network planning, and network construction.

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