ZTE SDR Product Wins InfoVision Award at Broadband World Forum Europe 2008

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1 October 2008, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, has received InfoVision award for its Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology at the Broadband World Forum (BBWF) Europe 2008. This award further reinforces ZTE’s position as a market leader in network innovation.

SDR technology enables mobile operators to extend the lifespan of network systems, and integrate multiple applications. The result is a significant decrease in TCO (total cost of ownership), along with decreased risk and network complexity. The technology, which runs radio functionality as software modules on an integrated, unified hardware platform, allows operators to roll-out new mobile services flexibly and easily.

“Our SDR technology helps operators transit from ‘network providers’ to ‘service providers’, unlocking new markets and revenue,” said Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, CTO, Marketing Platform, ZTE Western Europe. “We’re committed to continue delivering versatile, end-to-end and innovative new infrastructure technologies that help our customers excel. This award recognises the excellence and sustainable development of the solutions we provide, as well as the real value they deliver to carriers.”

The prestigious award program recognises unique technologies, applications, products and services that advance the ICT industry. Winners are selected based on their ability to address key technology issues, meet network requirements, optimise service and performance, and enhance customer service.

A variety of multi-band and multi-standard wireless communications systems can be implemented with SDR technology, such as CDMA, GMS, WCDMA and WiMAX. Subscribers benefit from a single platform for multiple technical standards, allowing for customisation and access to a variety of new features with an easy upgrade path. Customers are able to seamlessly roam across operator boundaries and achieve true mobility.

In 2008, ZTE launched the world’s first pre-commercial SDR base station at GSMA Mobile World Congress Barcelona. The base station supports GSM and UMTS services simultaneously, as well as provides LTE support for a smooth evolution path. Today, ZTE network solutions are deployed across more than 30 countries, including Romania, Estonia and Brazil.

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