ZTE to test integrated Next Generation Network solutions at GMI 2008

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Interoperability tests will enable ZTE to demonstrate the compatibility, flexibility and stability of its next generation network solutions  


9 October 2008, Shenzhen, China - ZTE, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced its participation in the GMI 2008 (Global MSF Interoperability) event held by the MSF (MultiService Forum) to advance the development of next generation networks (NGN). ZTE will be proving the interoperability capabilities of its IMS, wireless broadband access Infrastructure and IPTV Solutions in three of the five networked MSF GMI 2008 host sites around the world (The USA, China and the UK).

GMI 2008 is a worldwide multi-vendor interoperability test environment organised by the MSF, where critical next-generation network elements are verified in a number of practical scenarios. The event will take place later this year, from October 20-31, spanning several worldwide locations that include Verizon, NCS and UNH-IOL in the United States, a joint BT/Vodafone lab in the United Kingdom and China Mobile.

“The GMI 2008 is a great opportunity to demonstrate the compatibility, flexibility and stability of ZTE’s’ end-to-end wireless and IMS solution – and help accelerate the roll-out of next-generation networks”, said Mr. Kevin Y. Qi, Managing Director of ZTE (UK) Limited.  

The MSF tests aim to provide equipment vendors the opportunity to validate key service concepts that leverage an IMS/NGN infrastructure and FMC network architecture. This year, for the first time integration of high speed wireless access technologies will be included in the interoperability tests designed to prove MSF Interoperability Agreements for Next Generation Networks. Tests will be conducted over a number of wired and wireless broadband access networks, including ZTE’s offerings.

Interoperability verification tests will feature session control, innovative wireless access tile,IMS-based IPTV, quality of service (QoS) Control, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and location based services.

Previously, ZTE successfully participated in the GMI 2006 at Verizon’s lab, which focused on fixed mobile convergence supporting the IMS service framework.

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