Recent iSuppli WiMAX Report Validates ZTE's Leading Industry Position

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21 November 2007, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation ("ZTE"), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced that it has recently been validated by a renowned market intelligence firm, iSuppli, as one of the biggest champions in the Wimax industry according to its October 2007 report on "WiMAX: The Best Opportunity for China Vendors".  ZTE's leading position in the WiMAX arena has been further bolstered by recent partnership agreements signed with Sprint Nextel in the U.S. and MTO (Multi-National Telecom Operator) in Singapore.

The iSuppli report predicts that the number of WiMAX mobile users worldwide is projected to reach 29 million by 2011.  Revenues derived from infrastructure and mobile devices are anticipated to reach US$5.5 billion and $3.9 billion, respectively.

"As a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum, ZTE supports and contributes to the global development of WiMAX. We have been collaborating with more than 60 providers worldwide to help them meet their customers' needs by offering a reliable WiMAX high-broadband platform," says Zhao Songpu, General Manager of WiMAX Products, ZTE Corporation.  "We will further intensify our R&D efforts and the optimization of end-to-end mobile WiMAX solutions to accelerate its commercial deployment."

ZTE has successfully penetrated the North American market as a mainstream equipment vendor through ZTE USA's WiMAX Master Purchase Agreement with Sprint Nextel, announced in July 2007.  Under the deal, ZTE USA will supply Sprint Nextel with WiMAX PC cards and USB form factors, and advanced modem solutions for home networking.  As a leading provider of end-to-end solutions, ZTE is also capable of providing value-added products and services supporting not only home-grown technologies, but also newly-recognized technology standards adopted in the International markets, such as WiMAX. 

The company has also achieved significant in-roads in Singapore by contributing to the deployment of WiMAX in the Island Republic.  In early 2006, ZTE developed the mobile WiMAX network in Singapore, one of the first commercial trial networks worldwide.  Positive results of the commercial test were demonstrated by the company in June 2007 at CommunicAsia Singapore.  The technology's commercial speed has now reached up to 20Mbps, allowing service providers to offer smooth high-definition video-on-demand offerings, as well as Skype telephony and high-speed downloading functions.
ZTE's successes in gaining international recognition in WiMAX are attributed to a strong R&D effort backed by a solid and dedicated team.  It has six R&D centres in China staffed by more than 1,000 R&D employees specializing in WiMAX, with more than 200 of them concentrating in developing terminals alone.  

ZTE is the first to put forward the concept of "carrier-grade WiMAX MAN" globally, and has successfully established 21 commercial trials and trial networks for 802.16e WiMAX around the world.  Today, the company has applied for more than 300 patents and proposals and continues to solidify its thought-leadership position by being the first Chinese company in the WiMAX Forum and one of the 15 WiMAX Forum board members.  ZTE is among the international system equipment providers that will begin volume shipments of WiMAX equipment for commercial applications by mid 2008. 

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