Frost & Sullivan's Report on NGCC Deployment in Contact Centers Validates ZTE's Pioneering Position in the Industry

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28 November 2007, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation ("ZTE"), a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions continues to receive positive recognition from leading international research firms in line with the company's outstanding contribution to the development of advanced technologies for the telecom industry.  Frost & Sullivan, a leading international research and consulting organization has released a report on Next Generation Contact Centre (NGCC) deployment in contact centers that reinforces ZTE's thought-leadership position in the industry.  The report states that contact center systems have evolved from the fourth generation IPCC (IP enabled CC) to the fifth generation NGCC, of which ZTE plays a significant role in developing the required technology.  

In the report, Frost & Sullivan presented an impartial comparison and research findings on IPCC and NGCC. NGCC is a service platform that surpasses previous technologies and provides an open application programming interface (API) function for third party applications.  It is built on an open NGN (next generation network) architecture, making it compatible with all forms of media, allowing greater flexibility, functionality and expansion, separating call processing and control functions.  More importantly, NGCC enables video, data and video triple-play application under the contact centers environment.  

Since 1999, ZTE has been conducting R&D to develop contact center technology.  In 2002, the company launched its first NGCC technology and was put into practical use in 2005. ZTE's proven and advanced technology capabilities is key in being awarded and getting the biggest share in China Telecom's Best Tone Project in 2006 for its NGCC implementation in the region. These significant developments are clear indications that ZTE is setting industry benchmark by allowing third-party vendors to integrate their devices' functionalities, accessibility and standardization into their system.  As of to date, ZTE has more than 95% of the NGCC market share in China.

"We're very delighted to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan as one of the early developers and contributors of NGCC technology," says Mr Wang Xiang, GM of ZTE VAS Products. "ZTE has long foreseen the business opportunities brought by NGCC, keeping us to stay ahead of our competitors in the contact center market. Our R&D efforts on the technology over the years provide our customers with confidence in deploying our NGCC technology."

In Asia Pacific, emerging markets such as China and India, in particular, provide huge potential for NGCC due to increasing offshore outsourcing activities. Nevertheless, the implementation of NGN in these markets is still in the early stage and full commercial adoption of the technology will be the main responsibility of NGCC vendors. 

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