ZTE chosen by Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited "MiPhone" to supply equipment and services for CDMA2000 network upgrade

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Kingston, Jamaica and Dallas, Texas - June 20, 2006 - Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited (ODJ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Oceanic Digital Communications (ODC), a New York-based telecommunications company, operating locally in Jamaica under the "MiPhone" brand name, and ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, jointly announced today that MiPhone has selected ZTE to upgrade MiPhone´s existing CDMA2000 network.

As part of the upgrade, ZTE USA will supply ALL-IP CDMA2000 EV-DO and CDMA2000 1x voice and data network equipment, base station subsystems (BSS), and core network equipment, along with ZTE´s innovative CDMA2000-based GoTa (Global Open Trunking Architecture) push-to-talk network, and its CDMA2000 1X voice and data handsets, GoTa handsets, and EV-DO data cards.

Selecting ZTE will allow MiPhone, the exclusive CDMA operator in Jamaica, to provide new services to its customers with ZTE´s GoTa capabilities and high-performance EV-DO wireless broadband data services.

"ZTE has provided us with a proven and innovative high-performance end-to-end solution that we are very excited about," said Craig McBurnett, MiPhone chief executive officer.  "Not only have we chosen a supplier who can offer us the state-of-art EV-DO and push-to-talk solutions we need, but we have found a U.S.-based organization that is a successful global CDMA2000 company to provide the strong local support we require."

MiPhone launched its commercial wireless service in November 2001 and currently provides island-wide services to over 100,000 subscribers.  In addition, MiPhone provides international roaming services for customers of Sprint-Nextel, Verizon Wireless, Alltel, Telus, Bell Canada, and IUSACELL.

"We are excited to be working with one of the Caribbean´s leading CDMA2000 operators as it represents not only a significant step for ZTE USA, but also the beginning of what we believe will be a long and successful relationship with MiPhone and Oceanic Digital Communications," stated Jack Yang, ZTE USA´s executive vice president of sales and marketing.

ZTE´s innovative ALL-IP CDMA 2000 and GoTa technologies are currently deployed in nearly 60 countries by over 100 operators with a global capacity of more than 30 million lines.

ZTE´s CDMA2000 systems have been installed in countries including China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. ZTE´s GoTa digital trunking system based on CDMA2000 technology has been implemented in countries including Russia and Malaysia, and ZTE-patented GoTa technologies have been licensed to major telecoms equipment companies worldwide.

ZTE is also a major Asian producer of handsets and recently announced a deal to supply 3G handsets to the Hutchison-owned 3 network in the U.K.

About Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited & MiPhone
Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited operates mobile service locally in Jamaica under the brand "MiPhone".  MiPhone, Jamaica´s exclusive CDMA wireless service provider has a strategy to enable all Jamaicans to enjoy a completely wireless voice and data lifestyle.  Oceanic Digital Jamaica Ltd operates the most technologically advanced wireless network on the island, providing cutting edge data and voice services. With a world class customer service approach, MiPhone continues to create customer tailored calling plans and are strategically poised to pilot the Jamaican mobile market into the future building on the most environmentally friendly network.  For more information on MiPhone, visit

About Oceanic Digital Communications, Inc.
Oceanic Digital Communications, Inc. (ODC) builds, operates and provides technologically advanced integrated communications services to underserved markets in the Caribbean and Central American regions. ODC´s strategy involves establishing stand-alone operating companies within each country where it has secured an operating license, and assistance in project development, and also in the staffing of each operating company with a highly qualified team with expertise in operations and financial management, telecomm technology network design, and marketing.  ODC´s strategy also includes training and technology and skills transfer to the local labor force.  The company was founded in 1998.  For more information on Oceanic Digital Communications, visit

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