ZTE and France Telecom enter into a new era of cooperation

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ZTE Corporation has announced a long-term R&D agreement with France Telecom in a wide range sectors. The agreement was signed in Paris on December 5 in a ceremony witnessed by the French Prime Minister M. Dominique Villepin, Chinese Prime Minister Mr. Wen Jiabao, Chinese Foreign Minister Mr. Li Zhaoxing and the Chinese Ambassador to France Mr. Zhao Jianjun.

The first row (from left to right): Ms. Fang Rong, ZTE VP ; Mr. Yin Yimin, ZTE CEO;Mr.Didier LOMBARD, France Telecom CEO.

The partnerships will be rolled out through initiatives by the two companies to cooperate on key telecommunications and IT fields. This is a strategic move for ZTE and will further its win-win cooperation strategy with world´s tier-1 operators. Prior to this announcement, ZTE has already been providing its broadband data products to France Telecom; and France Telecom has completed the quality process to authenticate ZTE as system equipment vendor with the purpose that two parties can cooperate better in the 3G product area and has examined ZTE´s commercial 3G networks outside China.

Also announced today, ZTE has established a R&D center in Europe to provide technology support to France Telecom and other neighboring countries in Europe. To satisfy the needs of France Telecom´s global networks in over 50 countries, ZTE has restructured and optimized its international operations to provide a European-driven global response for its customers.

"With the joint implementation of innovative solutions adapted for the telecom standards of the future, France Telecom has now established itself more than ever before as a pivotal player in distributing technologies to as many people as possible. France Telecom is delighted to be able to launch a long partnership with ZTE, which is one the leading Chinese Groups in this field," said Mr. Didier Lombard, France Telecom´s Chairman and Chief Executive officer.

"The agreement strengthens ZTE´s strategy in Europe; through this kind of technology cooperation with France Telecom, one of the world´s leading telcos, ZTE will expand their understanding of their customer´s requirements thus enhance ZTE´s competitive position. The agreement shows France Telecom and ZTE has entered into a new era of cooperation in addition to the existing supplier-buyer relationship."

France Telecom is world´s leading telecom operators with over 130 million clients on five continents. It is Europe´s no.2 wireless operator and Internet service provider with leading brands such as Orange. The technology agreement signed between ZTE and France Telecom shows that the relationship of the two parties has entered into a new era, boosting ZTE´s local presence and its win-win strategy in Europe, and supporting ZTE´s work with tier one operators.

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