ZTE brings 3G to Bangkok International ICT EXPO 2006

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ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, will be displaying its latest 3G solutions and services at the Bangkok International ICT EXPO 2006, from August 2-6 in Thailand.

Under the theme of "IMS-based FMC Solution, UMTS/HSDPA One Stop Solution", ZTE will demonstrate its cutting-edge 3G technologies and solutions, including the company´s UMTS/HSDPA/IMS One Stop Solution, 2G/3G Hybrid Network Solution and Services, UMTS System and Services and GoTa digital trunking system.

In addition to telecoms infrastructure, ZTE will also showcase its full range of mobile phones and terminals, including GSM, CDMA, PHS and 3G handsets. ZTE has one of the world´s most complete portfolios of handsets.

"ZTE´s CDMA-based GoTa system will be a highlight of the show as it is actually being used by the event organisers to provide communications during the event. In this ICT EXPO, this Emergency car will provide emergency dispatching capability,and provide PTT services for ICT and CAT Telecom." Said Mr. Wang Xiangen, MD of ZTE Thailand.

"In May this year, GoTa proved its capabilities when it was used by the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) in a disaster relief programme in north Thailand after the worst flooding for 50 years in which the communications infrastructure was severely damaged."

The CDMA-based GoTa Emergency Communication System is donated to Royal Thai Government for providing and ensuring the emergency communication after the tsunami disaster in 2004. During the flood in North Thailand, the Emergency Car played an important role in rescuing people´s lives.

The emergency car is generally used to meet the communications needs of emergency response, disaster relief, command centers, temporary operations , even a wide range of emergency personnel—first responders, medical, response/recovery agencies, civic leaders, as well as key enterprises (insurance, financial services, construction, etc.).

The GoTa users at the ICT Expo will be divided into four user groups - ICT, CAT, ZTE and DEMO. The ICT group will be dedicated to the event organisers. The CAT group is for CAT´s staff on-site communications. The ZTE group is preserved for ZTE staff at the exhibition and the DEMO group is for demonstration to visitors.

ZTE´s GoTa products have found widespread application in over 20 countries including Russia, Norway and Malaysia. ZTE´s GoTa was the first China-developed and produced digital trunking system and includes the first patented telecoms technologies to be licensed to major international telecoms providers outside China.

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