ZTE to provide nationwide videoconferencing system in Saudi Arabia

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ZTE Corporation of China is to provide a videoconferencing system across the whole of Saudi Arabia in a contract with JCCS (Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services), one of the country´s largest and most successful computer and communication companies.

The contract is the latest international breakthrough for ZTE´s advanced BAVO (Brings All Visions in One) system.  Phase I of the project will involve video conferencing server ZXMVC8900 and videoconferencing terminal ZXMVC4050, centralizing on the city of Riyadh and creating a network connecting the five major cities in Saudi Arabia. After the expansion, the project will cover the whole country.

"The growth of Broadband and the demand for instant multimedia capability is driving the demand for videoconferencing and ZTE´s BAVO system is ideally suited to a network requirement like this," said Mr Sun Xiaogang, ZTE´s chief  supervisor of VCS marketing.

"JCCS were looking for a competitively priced system that offered the best picture and voice quality technology could provide and we are delighted that against fierce competition it was the BAVO solution that came out on top."

As the leading Chinese player in multimedia communications, ZTE has constructed most of the videoconference backbone networks and remote education backbone networks in China, and broke the monopoly enjoyed by foreign players. In terms of market share, ZTE BAVO videoconferencing products have been topping the list in China for several years.

In recent years, ZTE has consecutively rolled out new videoconferencing products and solutions to meet customers´ ever-increasing demands of video conference, emergency control, remote education, remote medical, remote monitor, personal video communication video phone and so on. In its domestic market, ZTE has been awarded to construct the videoconferencing projects for Jiangsu Telecom, Shanxi Telecom, Sichuan Telecom, Hebei Telecom, Jilin Telecom, Jilin Mobile, Shangdong Railcom, Jiangxi provincial education bureau and Shenzhen Municipal Government.
ZTE has also been successful in overseas markets. Its products have been exported to over 20 countries and regions including Egypt, Kuwait, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. To date, over 20,000 ZTE BAVO videoconferencing terminals have been supplied to the global market.

About JCCS: Jeraisy Computer and Communication Services, (JCCS), part of the Al-Jeraisy Group (ranked 19th in the Top 100 Saudi companies), is one of the largest and most successful computer and communication companies in Saudi Arabia offering the latest information technology encompassing the TOTAL computing, data communication and telecommunication solutions to its valued customers.

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