Build world-class "aircraft carrier" in CDMA field<br>The capacity of ZTE CDMA equipment in the world has exceeded 12 million lines

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According to information sources from Shenzhen headquarters of ZTE Corporation, one of the leading global CDMA equipment vendors, the capacity of ZTE CDMA equipment in the world has exceeded 12 million lines.

ZTE’s CDMA products have been widely deployed in over 20 countries, and accordingly ZTE has become a Chinese largest CDMA equipment vendor with the most lines of equipment sold overseas. After years of efforts, ZTE’s CDMA have reached a level to compete against international telecom giants in terms of product quality and professional services, occupying an important position in the global CDMA industry.

ZTE’s CDMA communication system can operate at various frequency bands  450M, 800M, 1.9G and 2.1G. ZTE has a full package of proprietary CDMA products ranging from CDMA switching systems, data packet equipment, base stations to handsets, and is capable of delivering more value-added services. In 2003, ZTE consecutively launched new products and services to the market including CDMA products on all-IP platform for 3G, CDMA-based next generation trunking communication system (GOTA), encrypted communication system and GSM1X, all of which offer more choices for the operators. The advanced all-IP based CDMA 3G products are characterized by industry-leading performance, the highest integration, the largest capacity (super base stations) and the most flexible networking modes. The flexible architecture, open service and application environment enable ZTE’s CDMA communication architecture to fully satisfy the customers’ personalized and differentiated demands in network construction. Benefited from these, the operators can quickly enhance their competitive advantages and win more profits.

ZTE initiated the build-up of its brand name as “the top Chinese CDMA brand” in the CDMA domain when it helped to introduce this technology into China. By 2003, ZTE has scored outstanding achievements in bidding for China Unicom’s Phase I, II and III CDMA construction, and ZTE’s CDMA infrastructure equipment has been deployed in China Unicom’s 15 provincial branch companies. It is noteworthy that among all the bidding vendors, ZTE is the only domestic vendor who has a full range of base stations and switching systems with intellectual property rights on its own. ZTE’s base station is also the only domestic base station product to win the tender. It actually stopped the monopoly by foreign vendors in China and was quite a breakthrough in terms of both the technology development and market scenario.

While consolidating its leading position in domestic CDMA market, ZTE has been actively accelerating the further development in the international market. In 2003, ZTE’s CDMA successively won contracts in the countries and regions such as India, Algeria, Kuwait, Vietnam, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Currently, ZTE’s CDMA products have scale applications in more than 20 countries. ZTE is now playing a quite important role in the world’s CDMA market.

To date, ZTE has set up many research institutes at home and abroad, where more than 1,500 staff members are engaged in CDMA R&D. The scale and investment of R&D takes the lead in the world. ZTE’s achievements in CDMA can be attributed to the professional, customer-oriented and expert type services offered by its Global Customer Support Center, Training Center and Repair/After-Sales Center. As ZTE’s globalization is gaining pace, ZTE also speed up its localized CDMA construction. In the future years, ZTE will set up more factories overseas so as to promptly deliver the fast and quality services to our partners.

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