ZTE receives high scores in Lightwave Innovation Reviews 2023

Release Time:2023-02-10
  • ZTE's Large-Capacity 400G ULH Transport System highly improves the transmission performance of 400G backbone networks.
  • ZTE's Fiber Fingerprint Solution greatly improves O&M efficiency and saves O&M costs for operators.
  • ZTE's Light POL Solution lays a solid foundation for digital transformation of the  entities and can help operators better expand the enterprise market.




10 February 2023, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions today announced that its Large-Capacity 400G ULH (Ultra-Long-Haul) Transport System, Fiber Fingerprint Solution and Light POL Solution have received high scores in Lightwave Innovation Reviews presented by Lightwave, a well-known media in the global optical network industry. This accolade has well recognized ZTE's leadership in the optical communications field.


Large-Capacity 400G ULH Transport System: building large-capacity, ultra-long-haul and green backbone optical networks

ZTE's Large-Capacity 400G ULH Transport System highly improves the transmission performance of 400G backbone networks based on three innovative technologies: 128GBd ultra-high baud rate, 3D integrated optical & electrical encapsulation, and Flex Shaping 2.0 algorithm.


The system, with great capability of increasing the transmission distance by 60% compared with existing 400G solutions in the industry, enables the network to implement ultra-long-haul transmission using as few electrical regenerators as possible, so as to help operators save investments.


Besides, this system supports on-demand adjustment of the single-carrier rate from 100G bit/s to 1.2T bit/s, effectively improving the flexibility of optical networks, and fully meeting the constantly changing service demands.


Moreover, this system, featuring the C++ & L++ bands (12THz spectral width), increases the spectral width by 200% compared with the traditional C band (4THz spectral width), thereby achieving larger transmission capacity without increasing the investments in optical fiber resource, and reducing the CAPEX while providing sufficient bandwidth capacity for operators.


In addition, the system, based on the 1.2T bit/s high-performance coherent optical module, can reduce the power consumption per Gbit by 58% compared with the existing 800G solution in the DCI scenario, effectively reducing the equipment power consumption and saving the OPEX for customers.


Fiber Fingerprint Solution: implementing management of ODN resources efficiently based on intelligent image identification technology

ZTE's Fiber Fingerprint Solution assigns unique "fiber fingerprints”to node devices and cables of optical fiber links, identifies the resource information in optical fiber links based on the intelligent image identification technology, and collects, transmits, manages, and verifies the resource data. The whole process is electronic and closed-loop, and therefore can avoid errors caused by manual operations and ensure precise allocation of resources. This solution greatly improves O&M efficiency and saves O&M costs for operators.


Light POL Solution: building all-optical campus networks to boost digital transformation

ZTE's Light POL Solution is used to build simple, reliable, secure, green, and continuously evolving FTTx all-optical networks based on the all-optical network architecture. With multi-purpose optical fibers and networks, this solution can save cables, equipment footprint and power consumption. It can provide high-speed all-optical access for enterprises, industrial parks and schools, laying a solid foundation for digital transformation of these entities. In addition, the solution can help operators better expand the enterprise market.


Lightwave has held the annual innovation awards for many years, aiming to recognize the top products and solutions in the optical communication field. The judging panel consists of renowned optical network specialists from network operators, suppliers, as well as senior executives, analysts and engineers from industrial research and consulting companies.



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