ZTE obtains two awards at Global Distributed Cloud Conference

Release Time:2021-11-17
ZTE obtains two awards at Global Distributed Cloud Conference - ZTE Press Release

ZTE obtains two awards at Global Distributed Cloud Conference

Date:2021-11-17 ZTE Click:184

17 November 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that it has won the Innovative Edge Cloud Technology Award and the Innovative Edge Cloud Product Award at the Global Distributed Cloud Conference (GDCC). The award winning verifies that ZTE has been staying ahead in the fields of edge computing technologies, edge convergence devices and innovative edge solutions.

ZTE's innovative edge technologies and products focus on the UHD content production, edge services and intelligent distribution. For content production on the edge, ZTE's 5G live broadcasting product can support 4-channel UHD video signal collection, video encoding and content production, and provide multi-camera UHD video content with convergence and director services. 

By virtue of the rich functions of ZTE's 5G live broadcasting product, like AI video recognition, the live audience can overlay multiple images and watch real-time show on the mainstream streaming platforms. 

Besides, the product can be widely used in such scenarios as media interviews, outdoor sporting events and live broadcasts with influencers. With the SRT ultra-low latency video transmission technology, the product can provide "first-mile" guarantee for the uplink transmission of UHD videos.

In the edge service and distribution field, ZTE's virtual CDN (vCDN) solution has achieved the fast deployment of video distribution on BRAS/OLT/MEC and other basic networks. It enables flexible capacity expansion and reduction in accordance with tidal fluctuations in traffic, and effectively improves the downlink speed and resource utilization. 

With ZTE's AI-based global scheduling technology, the solution enables efficient caching and traffic balancing for popular content, offering better video QoS. Furthermore, for popular sporting events, the vCDN deployed on the edge can flexibly handle traffic surges caused by video playing.Thanks to the AI-based global scheduling, the vCDN can have more cache and traffic resources, which greatly improves the service quality. 

Also, the functions like cloud transcoding, webRTC, video rendering, smart stitching and action recognition are deployed on the edge, enriching the edge cloud capabilities and meeting the growing demand for UHD 4K/8K, VR/AR videos, free-viewpoint videos and other new services in the gigabit era. The vCDN on the edge cloud achieves in-depth synergy and collaboration with the platform capabilities, and creates the flexible and efficient content edge cloud.

The GDCC is a flagship technical event for distributed cloud computing. At the conference, innovative enterprises are awarded for technical breakthroughs in the fields like distributed system, edge computing and integrated services, or significant contributions to the development of innovative industrial models.