ZTE wins three awards at Layer123 World Congress

Release Time:2021-11-19
ZTE wins three awards at Layer123 World Congress - ZTE Press Release

ZTE wins three awards at Layer123 World Congress

Date:2021-11-19 ZTE Click:639

19 November 2021, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that it has won three awards, specifically the Emerging Product Award, the Next-generation Communication Product Award and the AI/IA Best Application Award, at Layer123 World Congress, respectively with its NEO cloud card product, next-generation interactive and immersive voice solution, and AI camera product based on terminal&cloud coordination. The award winning fully verifies that ZTE's innovation capability and leading position in the SDN/NFV field.

NEO (Native Enhanced-cloud Orchestration) cloud card product wins the Emerging Product Award
ZTE's NEO cloud card product provides its customers with better performance, better security and better resources utilization. 

In the operator field, the NEO cloud card product works together with standard servers or dedicated servers to boost the security, storage and network performance of telecom cloud, with the high-performance and low-latency requirements in 5G scenarios satisfied.

In the field of government and enterprise private cloud, the enterprise server bare machine can be managed together with the standard server and NEO cloud card, so that the enterprise original server can quickly access the cloud.

In the public cloud field, the NEO cloud card removes the virtualization functions of the computing, network and storage at the PAAS layer of the IAAS layer on the standard server, thus releasing the server resources occupied by the cloudified PAAS layer/IAAS layer and improving sever resources utilization and performance, as well as reducing costs. 

ZTE’s NEO cloud card breaks the software and hardware architecture of the traditional data center, accelerates the ICT services to be migrated to the cloud and facilitates operators’ development of cloud-based data center. 

The next-generation interactive and immersive voice solution wins the Next-Generation Communication Product Award
On the basis of traditional IMS audio/video channel, ZTE's next-generation interactive and immersive voice solution adds Data Channel, overlapping all kinds of full media information to bring new multi-dimensional and immersive experiences to users. 

For operators, new call services are provided, network capabilities are opened and network values are reconstructed. For individual users, all kinds of call requirements such as customized call can be satisfied. For enterprise or industry users, the solution can be implemented and promoted conveniently, service efficiency can be improved and brand image can be established. 

AI camera powered by device-cloud collaboration wins the Best Application of AI/IA Award
ZTE's AI camera applies device-cloud collaboration technology into home security. In addition to reducing monitoring blind spots, the camera can, in particular, provide more guard functions and better guard experiences for rural users and assist in digital transformation in rural areas. 

An AI algorithm repository is deployed in the cloud, and cloud resources can be configured on demand and scaled flexibly. A wide variety of AI applications are available to help users accurately analyze video information, thereby satisfying the user requirements for guarding homes, looking after elderly people and children, protecting homes against thefts and intrusions and fire and smoke. 

Users can subscribe the AI applications on demand on the mobile app of the camera. When an incident is detected, alerts are automatically sent to users’ mobile phones, which allows  the users to protect their homes anytime and anywhere.

Layer123 World Congress is one of the most influential top events in the SDN/NFV field. The congress is committed to sharing the latest network transformation technologies and analyzing best practices. Meanwhile, it promotes industry ecological construction and industrial aggregation, and facilitates continuous exploration and verification of new technologies and applications in the SDN/NFV field.